No Masons

NoMasons.Net & this wordpress site provides a platform for the NoMasonsCollective to share their ideas with a much wider audience of disaffected peoples.

OST Radio compliments this agenda by attempting to explore, in depth, the meaning, significance and implications of the shades of blackness.

OST is an attempt to make sense of the gifted experience, worldview and perspective.

In order to broaden the dialogue, this effort offers an opportunity to bring the margins to the mainstream. Expect guests, topics and challenge.



Home Page
No Masons

Competent Commentaries: the evidence suggesting that I AM the competent commentator
Eternal Birth: welcome
G Muzik: any show biz articles, especially hip hop news, ought to go here
Grand Wizard: In case my plans to counter warfare are a failure, against white supremacist genocide, I have an alibi for protection: my white-nationalist/pan European views are my safeguard.
Just Talk: Miscellaneous posts exploring the meaning of “youth culture” and interpreting the nature of “black culture.” These posts are random.
Justice Saves: theological reflections
Oppression Studies: Critical Breakdown of the system of white domination, analysing the stratagems, methods, techniques and deceptive deceptions recruited by whites who either wage overt war or conduct psychological operations against non-whites in their efforts to reign and remain supreme.
The 8 Project: encouraging the transition from childhood to adulthood [oppression studies parent]
Sick of being black: these journal entries might be seen as diary conversations and daily observations collected on the page, upon being untangled in the mind. These
explore the difficulties in living experienced by the Gifted Black, whether physical, psychological, or other dimensions.
Blogroll a space dedicated to just reblogs!!! pay attention to who I post as sometimes the sphere is more important than the message, meaning, I am encouraging and promoting rounded-thinking, rather than narrow-patterns of thought. pay attention

Eternal Birth
[Jambo] 29/12/11
Just Imagine 29/12/11
mission statement 29/12/11
merry kwanza 29/12/11
marcus garvey 30/12/11
neo-garveyite 30/12/11
disclaimer 30/12/11

Competent Commentaries
if fuller must die July 6 2012 cc
who hates July 5 2012 cc
never settle July 5 2012 cc
growing pains July 5 2012 cc
just jest July 5 2012 cc
mental illness is bunkum 01/01/12
all of 50 years 31/12/11

G Muzik
prophecy fulfilled (p 2) 04/07/11
Trauma Culture 04/07/11
All of 50 posts 02/07/12
Neo-Nihilists 02/07/12
Top Ten 01/07/12
decent albums 30/12/11
all hail g rap 30/12/11

Grand Wizard
ova here 30/12/11
I am not blak 30/12/11
European Supremacy in Football 04/07/11

Just Talk
hello, r u up Dec 30 2011
loud noise p 1 Dec 30 2011
loud noise p 2 Dec 30 2011
happy x-mas Dec 30 2011
what’s the motive Jan 1 2012
1 W.A.Y. Jan 1 2012
lost desire Jan 1 2012
females speak July 4 2012

Justice Saves
ill mental dec 31 2011
pitifully pathetic dec 31 2011
africans wrote the bible p 1 jan 10 2012
africans wrote the bible p 2 jan 10 2012
degeneracy July 3 2012

Oppression Studies
meaningful plans with outlines Jan 19
renaissance rebirth Jan 19
shattering silence Jan 19
anti racists are racistJan 19
anti racists are racist Jan 19
ending tomorrow Jan 19
situation absurd Jan 19
the need for justice Jan 19
removing agency (reblog) Feb 1
making malone March 1

The 8 Project
why 8 Dec 30
kernel commission Dec 30
prententious people Dec 30
gullible people p 1 Dec 31
s-w-i-n-e Dec 31
gullible people p 2 Jan 1
gullible people p 3 Jan 1
identifying the invisible narrative Jan 1
forgetting clarke Jan 1
winning eleven Jan 10
trailing whiteness Jan 19
character profile Jan 19
invisible narrative Jan 19

Sick Of Being Black
G.I.F.T.S. July 7 2012
existential contempt (p 2) July 7 2012
existential contempt July 7 2012
hardship funds July 5 2012
student finance July 5 2012
head hunt July 5 2012
the 8 project July 5 2012
me behind the veil July 5 2012
me behind the veil (disparate youth) July 5 2012

Blog Roll
Trauma Culture July 5
Monkey Mayhem July 5
Psychi-at-tricks July 5
Cree7 Exploring Belonging (WTHIWWBP) July 5
Surviving The Let Go (Short Story) July 5
Distnguishing Giftedness From Aspergers July 4
Racing Science July 4
Asa HIlliard on the State of African Education July 4
Unschooling Conference July 4
Male Hunters, Women Keepers, July 4

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