All Of 50 Years


people of the oppressed. I think that the following commentary summarises much of our lives:

You search for places to go for some where’s got to be fun
But learn that patience is broke, unless a lottery’s won
And if tomorrow you die, you’re getting drunk off red rum
As you go looking for ass, you grab the butt of a gun
So as you lust for a slut you dream of succulent bums
This life is just not enough, relief is puffing the skunk

You call a hood rat around; she’s always up in the slums
She comes to suck on your nuts, while you be pumping the Krump
So though you’re checking the back, you know the bluff is a front
She say’s she’s looking for love, but what she wants is the crumbs

Cooking you play the porn, meanwhile you’re watching her stunt
The day you’re paid in full, is when you say no more
The game you lay is dormant, you offer possible hugs
And soon you give her a tug, like she was stuck in the mud

She really thought she was good, high on the drug of her mum
Often pretends she’s a virgin, but undercover she humps
Asking her friends if it hurts them, there’s always someone to punk
But why disturb the uncertain and talk when nothing is done


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