Invisible Narrative

Whiteness has been made synonymous with being HUMAN, however, having MONOPOLISED this position, at the expense of all others, the STATUS of other people is DEVALUED. Their inherent worth, if not only NEGLECTED, is (PLAUSIBLY) DENIED; if not only IGNORED, it is MARGINALISED. The CONFUSION begins, however, when others try to INFORM these PRACTITONERS of how they OPERATE and the EFFECT or IMPACT their racist-operating has, when in fact, they are IMMUNE to HEARING the word of others. They cannot HEAR others because the others are not an EXTENSION of themselves; they are INSULATED from the world and thrive off only the FEEDBACK they give and provide for themselves. This is why the system persists and will persist irrespective of how many good Europeans we try to WAKE. They are pretending to be asleep; they are without HONOUR.

It is not about whether or not they manufacture the myths that maintain the system; it only matters that they perpetuate these myths. Therefore, any time they draw upon the cultural imagery and folklore of irrepressible, irresponsible, reckless African-ness, they are feeding these myths and empowering the imagery, uplifting the oppression and supporting the HEGEMONY. This can be stopped in a matter of days but it will not be because the people with the immediate power to do so are not FORCED to care. In reality, we do not need more than 1000 years as Ashra Kwesi advanced; the only need there exists is for serious people; the appeal is to progressive people only. Justice had a more agreeable concept when she declared that waiting five years to see racism-white supremacy comes to a halt, would be too long a time. Remember: People only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

This system is maintained because the oppressed people buy into the lies.

Sadly, the PHD professors, community activists, radio presenters, herbal doctors, spiritual healers and “anti-racists” will NEVER admit this. They have too much at stake; they would rather complicate the issue and pretend it is sophisticated because they get paid from participating in the controversy. They need a controversy to be involved in; perhaps it provides them with a sense of belonging. At any rate, try and envisage the ultimate goal or aims of their “work” (their celebrations, meetings, lecture tours, speaking engagements, radio broadcasts; talk-shows, medicinal products, ad the like) and you will be lost. They have no model despite all the years of TALK and tons of DATA at their fingers. They exist to continue their existence but have no plans for a new future; for a world that values LIFE. They have defined their IDENTITIES in opposition to the system of death, but in doing this, have come to depend on it whilst others have come to be just like it. It has become a NEGATED aspect of themselves that they simply keep in the dark recesses of their thinking.

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