Situation Absurd

In order to effectively campaign against this system of operation it is essential that the people dominated by it realise the ways in which it manifests and functions. It is that simple. There are those who will indulge in “black chat”, that is “radio banter” which presumably is for the purpose of attaining Liberation, but this is a joke couched in serious language. The issue this conceals, however, is most important for it shows up the real nature of this oppression. The people that “desire” to work against it have begun on the wrong premise because there is actually very little they “need to do.” What ought to happen is the people who tune into these “broadcasts” simply refuse to take it seriously so as to see it for what it is; a cruel hoax. I don’t think that the nature of this issue has set in; the fact that people are so routinely mistreated that it has become a genre of musical expressions and compositions is absurd. It most certainly should not have reached this point that it comes to be a part of “cultural identity.”

These dubious “leaders,” “motivational speakers” and “community activists” are also ridiculous; the equivalent of a group of people marching against marching, whilst yelling “no more marching. They play a clever game when they ask for “solutions” because it’s the equivalent of asking for four grams of air in a bottle; even if you try to capture air in a bottle and someone inspects the bottle, and even measures it, nobody will ever weigh four grams of air. They are asking for the unbelievable, which will never be credible and yet, because no-one can ever DISPROVE that there is air in the bottle, this game will go on. It’s the equivalent of someone trying to stamp out their shadow; they will win the battle for at least 6 hours of the other part of the day, but will be hassled by the same “problem” in the morning. This is why I have previously asked, “How many people does it take to reach the bottom of a bottomless pit.” It has reached so bad a stage that many of these “leaders” cannot even conceive of a world that is post-racial-injustice. They don’t even have an end-vision.

People seem to have come to accept racial-injustice as “given”; as the only state of affairs that can exist; the only arrangements that can be because it is logical and “normal” when it is not. In fact, tremendous energy must be exerted in trying to maintain the plausibility of this farce but it is as fraudulent as “Eton boys” in “baggy jeans.” If the people want it to cease operating, they must set themselves apart from it, and yet, they can only do this once they see it for what it is. No “society” can be built upon people who tolerate injustice to the point of accepting it as a fundamental premise of society. Organised crime has become so much a way of life that oppressed people are taught, and encouraged to find ways to manoeuvre around the oppression. (I personally think it would be more effective to “duck-and-cover” when confronted by volcanic lava.) That is not cool.

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