All Hail G Rap


May 2011 marked 25 years of perhaps, the most important emcee/orator of the 21st century: N Wilson, aka Kool G Rap [KGR]. Although somewhat obscure and definitely not a celebrated feature in the popular mainstream, KGR is as influential in the rap scene, and Hip Hop culture, as Dubois is in the academic scene. If in doubt, I ask you to simply reflect on the long list of artists that have praised the name of “the legendary Kool G”, but before that, I feel that some background is due, in order to make sense of this notion:

Kool G Rap debuted in 1986 with the song ‘It’s a demo’, and the b-side to it, ‘I’m fly’. Starting out then, he appeared at Hip Hop’s emceeing inception like Kane and Rakim however KGR stood out from the crowd owing to his remarkable ‘spitting’ (rapid fire lyricism) fused with acute word play. Combined these make him the beast of verses, dropping dense multi-syllabic flows that tyrannically take over otherwise ambivalent beats […]

Although an underground name to many, the skills of KGR could hardly be missed by the lyrical heavyweights, with him being given props and recognition from the likes of Pun to Rugged Man to even the rather anonymous Big John, as well as upcoming stars such as Nino Bless… at least 60% of [emcees] will have been influenced or affected by KGR, in some way. In fact, a testament to the prestige of KGR was paid when, author of “How to Rap” (2009) Paul Edwards explained why he decided to have KGR write the foreword to his book….



you’re going to have to wait for Mr Davis’ new book, set for release early next year (okay, a couple of days to go, but surely you get what I’m saying.) The full essay will be published in it (God WILLING.)

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