shattering silence

It makes no sense to wait for members of the oppressor group to “speak out” against the system because, the fact it still is in existence says enough. It is not ENOUGH that these so-called “race-traitors” “TRY” to deal with racial injustice; they should devote every minute of their lives to forwarding this work, taking breaks only to rest and maybe amuse themselves so as to energise themselves for further struggle. If this issue was theirs,, as the likes of Jane Elliott will demonstrate, these so-called TRYER’s would become DOER’s. To paraphrase Jane Eliott, these racist-practitioners expect the oppressed to deal with things they will not tolerate for more than five minutes. I like this standard and I will not accept anything but better, rather than just the same.

I am making no difference between practitioners and beneficiaries just as I do not even entertain the idea of there being conscious and non-conscious practitioners; when since was intention such a critical issue for anyone other than apologetics. The punishment must remain for those who benefit from the crime with the only difference being how much damage they must pay, however, both of the parties of still culpable for their participation in a criminal enterprise and this responsibility is primarily moral. In not “dying for the cause”, a just cause, these people show the more critical people exactly what allegiances they have, and precisely where they stand.

The real state of affairs requires immediate attention, intervention and remedy. This is the context: WE ARE AT WAR conducted primarily through shrewd psychological operations and counter-intelligence stratagems. These fraudulent anti-racists are infiltrating spies and false prophets sent or just operating to mislead, divert, distract and confuse. This is a QUIET WAR using many SILENT WEAPONS, principally (unprincipled) deception, which is why this war continues. In truth, it was lost long ago, as today, grievances just reflect more oppressed people being subjugated and defeated in small-scale, private/personal battles (which are really just attacks waged by racist-practitioners.) Oppressed people are the prisoners of this ruling group; African people are in Captivity and this is the SECRET that these “Leftists”, “Liberals” and the like, will not CONCEDE.

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