Anti-racists are racists

I have recently encountered at least two female Europeans, who have claimed to be “anti-racists”, which I imagine reflected their leftist leanings. There was also another European I encountered whilst inside that seemed to suppose that she had experienced the feeling of being in a minority. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t listen to her “rubbish.” I want to say that this is a contradiction, for how could I call her “jibberish” “rubbish” if I didn’t listen to it? I call it this because, from experience, I have found that “Europeans” are incapable of talking sensibly and coherently when it comes to sharing honest, reliable, and constructive information with coloured people, about how their people collectively operate. In short, Europeans are programmed to misdirect “coloured” people.

This woman was implying that she could relate to and understand the position of groups discriminated against, such as we the “oppressed”, but I didn’t even entertain her talk. I realised that she was just another “European” looking for someone to confuse, so long as they were willing to entertain her nonsense. I just didn’t pay attention to her, and didn’t even give it thought. I tend to avoid listening to Europeans because their identity is essentially wrapped up in deception. (I will discuss this further in the second part.) This being so, they can afford the luxury of rhetorical deceit. They are programmed to mislead coloured people, and coloured people are trained to respond to whatever nonsense they say. Let’s look at some of the other rubbish that comes out of the European mouth and review their incoherent, inconsistent thoughts patterns, attitudes, speech and behaviour:

They say “Minister Malcolm was a separatist”. I wonder what their point is, as scripturally speaking; God calls us to be set apart; to be distinct; to not be “of this world.” In line with this, being “separatist” is ideal; it is religious, or more accurately, it is devotional. This being so, to use the former term, are they trying to injure the Africa image by claiming Minister was religious???

They say “African people are angry.” This is meaningless, for in the Scripture, repeatedly we read of an “angry” God, provoked to retaliate against the rebellious Hebrew-Israelite people. In fact, to be more precise, the term also used is “indignant” for these people morally disgusted Jehovah. In this way, being “indignant” is ideal; it follows a good example; it is righteous, especially against injustice.

Finally, in the Scripture, we are repeatedly told that we should have no graven image o f the god that spoke either through flames or from a cloud. This being so, from where did we the oppressed, get this image of a “white male” with a long beard; sitting in the sky (especially when this God is supposed to have told us to worship neither air nor earth nor heaven?

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