Happy New Xmas

I’m confused. This time last year I was in feltham “celebrating” new year. I would have had Xmas there but I was in custody, and yet to be transported (although I was arrested at 6pm on the Saturday.)

This year, I spent Xmas inside.

That is. at “HOME.” I actually stayed inside for five days straight, “tucked away” from the “cool world.” (and yes, I did bath whilst inside the compound.)

I went out today and at first, I felt like I was off centre.

I also felt the raw energy of “The Crowd” and realised how fortunate I was to “miss” the sales.

It is Thursday and tomorrow (well, today now), I’ve got a KWANZA event planned.

Rather than “break up” the day, it will interrupt it, as I’ve really enjoyed this festive period, just staying in-doors and being productive

of course, it could not, can not and ought not last.

later, I walk back into the world

but let me get some sleep first

these 7am nights are not kind to my “circadium rythmic clock” (I feel so intelligent.)

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