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3 months later, I make my return, having finally arranged my complete body of work (more-to-come). Again, let this “abstinence” stand as a testimony to “discipline.”

In the past few months, I have decided upon a more organised format for this website. This means, a contents page is to come, as well as a new category dedicated to reposting other blog entries I (have) come across.

Also, I decided to try and be more rounded in my posting, which means I will be trying to bring all the categories listed, on par. That said, having recently “picked up” my first hip-hop fan/follower, I thought it would be fitting to return – on my 48th entry – and post a list of my top 10 lyricists of the past 20 years – 1992-2012. (Although this might be explained better later, for now, just welcome me back.)

Following this, for my 49th post I will make a[nother] music (or media) related post before I re


the “expression”, ‘All of 50 years.’ Having set the agenda, let’s get “rolling” with my top 10 lyricists of the modern era!

Favourite Lyricists
(bias intended!!!)

1. Kool G Rap
2. Chino XL
3. Canibus (inc and pre Rip the Jacker)
4. Big Pun
5. Tonedeff

6. Nino Bless
7. Eminem*
7. Papoose
8. Rugged Man*
8. Big L
9. Cormega
10. Crooked I

* Until “bzniz” is taken care of, I will have little/no regard for pale-lyricists (and that includes you, Mr “White Nigger”/Ill-Bill.)
Notable Ab-MCees: Mr Lif, Rakim, Tupac, Jean Grae, Masta Ace et al

And, of course, how can I know what’s good without having a concept of what’s “terrible”? I couldn’t and so, to show what exactly I am contrasting these emcees with, check out the list of the worst mc’s/lyricists ever, who, with the exception of N.O.R.E. (#1), are in no particular order:

Noreaga (post 98)
Manny Fresh
Master P
Nikki Minaj
Juelz Santana (pre-2004)
Cap One
Kool Keith
Jermaine Dupri

*Estelle would have got on the list for her terribly BET 2011 cypher, but seen as she is UK-raised, I will be “merciful.”

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4 Responses to Top Ten

  1. diaryofanegress says:

    Glad to have you back, sir.
    Since I do not watch TV or listen to todays music…unless Ella Fitzgerald is still popular?….I have no idea who these people are… But I look forward to reading your posts.

    • omalone1 says:

      appreciate all the support unknown follower (assuming anything ever can, or really does “know” anyone.) I will say, however, that E.Fitz is also sampled by Nas and Damien Marley in a recent song, showing that at least there is a degree of cultural continuity in these modern sounds.

  2. Onitaset says:

    They just don’t teach good Hip Hop in the UK apparently.

    One song: YOU MUST LEARN

    • omalone1 says:

      You Must Learn.Take it to a “Higher Level” and ask “Why Is That” Afterwards, “Rise and Shine” and hunt out the “Criminals in Action.”

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