UnSchooling Oppression

again, the emphasis here is on producing rounded thinkers, i.e. contextual-thinkers as opposed to statement-makers. That said, pay attention to the observations on the ways in which schooling might actually impair the capacity for free/independent thought, and in sabotaging authenticity, can serve to “kill them before they grow.”

unSchooling Oppression Conference in Ottawa

Greetings from The Deschooling Society!

Contents of this email:
1) 1st big post-conference meeting
2) Notes from caucus
3) unSchooling Oppression conference audio and zine
4) EXILE Freedom School

Thanks for signing-up, and we hope to see you very soon 🙂


1) Finally, the long-awaited meeting! This Sunday, January 13th, everyone who signed up to this email list and anyone else who is interested is invited to the first big post-conference meeting, where we will collectively pickup where the unSchooling Oppression conference caucus left off!

Since this big group has not met before, the conference organizers figured we’d start things off with this meeting and then let the group decide what to do about future meetings, whether we should divide into smaller working groups, etc. There is no set agenda for this first meeting, so be sure to review the notes from the caucus (below) and come with your…

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