Progressive People, Pretentious Pricks

Before I move forward, I look back on some early attempts to “sell” OMALONE, the Grand Wizard:

Now what kind of life is that for a child? I ask this question of all of those who spend their lives wondering where the day whilst waiting for the world to end. I write this treatise as a testimony to the necessity of resistance in any struggle, which, for the Eleanor Rigby generation – and in this present climate – is essential. I’m sure that as each generation grows up they come to feel that something isn’t quite right with the world but having no where to go to further their enquiry they gradually come to accept that that’s just the way things are and yet, the way things are is never how they have to be. Moreover, in terms of the existing situation which the new generation is facing, a perilous plight into world of hopelessness where no one can be bothered to care, the prophetic mission of the current generation to determine their own lives, has to be seized. Its more than just life and death, it’s about a society falling down.
RATING: 5/10

Unlike other “speculative theorists” Malone challenges to assumptions of contemporaries, who he describes as “pied pipers”, “spin doctors” and “poverty-pimps.” Unlike these “hope-dealers”, who, he alleges, have grossly mis-diagnosed the African condition, Malone presents a structured programme born out of intelligently directed study. Essayist and theatre practitioner, drawing upon his extensive intimate experience, he provides an engaging and informative text that is set to alter landscapes, question premises and shatter illusions.
RATING: 7/10

Grand Wizard Gos (“Gossano Malone”) recounts four years of research into the Global Black Experience, beginning with a glance back at his own childhood, and ending with his emergence from doubt to decision, and his development into an established theorist. Using the autobiographical method, his brief emphasis on his early life provides the basis for extrapolating his own individual struggles into the reality of African Oppression, which he came to research and realise. AETC outlines the rise of the Black Intellectual and his struggle against the mainstream.
RATING: 6/10

If you want to speak to me and you haven’t got a means of recording the interaction/exchange/discussion/dialogue, then go about your nonbusiness. I only engage “serious” “business-minded” people. I haven’t got a second to spare sharing in “good times” with, non-progressive talk, idle chit-chat, banter, “catching up”, “hanging out” and the like. I am struggling against oppression, and am “struggling” on a full time basis. This being the case, if you haven’t a programme/structure/framework/system, then do not even wink at me, never mind turn to look in my direction. I only want participating in this forum, individuals with concrete plans. Notice then, that if you come to boast the greatness of “ancient Kemet”, then you are immediately excluded from this ‘catchment.’
RATING: 10/10

I have made peace, finding happiness

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