What the Hell is Wrong With Black People?

ha ha, Cree uses the same theme as WORDGASMS. Moving on to something more constructive, when I read this I think back to Jane Elliotts studies from the 80’s onward, which explore the experience of exclusion and domination among people subjected to these horrors. Put this in the context of the black-gited perspective and you have “whammy” overload.

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CNN did a piece a few days ago entitled “The Importance of Belonging.” In it, the author, Amanda Enayati, explains the following research finding: The broad species that is called “human” is so innately, biologically social that when one feels— or in the case of black people, knows— that he/she is not included in a group, it powerfully degrades physical and mental health, motivation, persistence at difficult tasks, even intelligence. Enayati says that, “even a single instance of exclusion can undermine well-being, IQ test performance and self-control.”

A SINGLE instance?
SINGLE…………………………………………… x all day long x 365/yr x the years of existence of a black person.

So, are black people stupid, lazy, and childishly impulsive? And, would IQ tests administered in all kinds of situations validate that judgement? (Well, if there are any black people who do not yet know they exist on…

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