Loud Noise (part 2)

Indeed, black talk is not black consciousness. It is exclusively “British” and this is why, for the past 50 years+, we the oppressed, (“oppressed people”) have remained in the same dire predicament. As it was suggested, any ruling power must first make the thinking of the ruled superficial so that they, the ruled over, can never see through the deception of domination. Likewise, it has also been said that the system creates “problem-solvers” but problem-solvers are really mere customers that just consume whatever they are given; they are not self-directed. In this way, they are programmed themselves; operating off of marketed ideas which they take to be their own, or that they have been trained into. This is the final contradiction I will address.

The “problem” of the oppressed, even if it could be “solved”, would not benefit anybody but the rulers. So long as the oppressed take the problems of the oppressor to be their own, they will continue to be oppressed. Indeed, the effects of the problems may affect the oppressed, but these are still not their problems. It would make more sense for them to take responsibility for symptoms that are not their own. If the oppressed can locate the problems accurately, and realise that they come from without, then in coming to think in context (context-thinkers), they can begin to mobilise effectively, developing guiding principles that direct their behaviour, and structuring strategies that empower them.

Public relations are persuasive, and dominate common rhetoric. One dominant deception promoted by system-operators is the idea of “self-help” as opposed to “self-direction.” Under oppression, by the nature of the oppression, people are impaired, incapacitated and disempowered. This being so, the people who are oppressed cannot claim to theorise “solutions” to their “problems” when they themselves have no power to make, create or solve them.


If you are oppressed, the first thing you want is a problem-solved, but the first thing you need is a thought-contextualised. I urge you to think in context and operate with perspective. Anything else is a “monumental fraud”

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