Gullible People (part 1)

Gullible people (part 1)

I’ve been thinking about the “Genesis Faithful” (generic term used to refer to gullible radio presenters/”revolutionaries” that swallow whatever junk you feed them) and pitying them. I’ve been thinking about what we are to do with these people once the 11 month period is over.

Oops… I forget to mention didn’t I.

In 11 months (that will be November) we are going to have replaced the system of white domination with a new version of reality guided by a new vision of the future. We the “oppressed” will no longer be at the foot of the ladder, at the bottom of the pile. This subordination will be so far removed from our status that we will struggle to entertain this historic mistreatment, in our minds… but why 11 months?

I think we have forgotten something: moral outrage, and/or, righteous indignation.

Imagine this. There is a landlord who, rather than collecting money for rent, forces their tenants to perform sexual acts. Imagine that sometimes, this landlord even knocked on these doors at all hours of the night, or simply just “walked in” and raped the residents… would anyone think of this as tolerable?

Let us go further. Imagine that these tenants were actually “prisoners”; and that their homes were “cells” (with the block/flat merely being a prison); would you see it as tolerable for this landlord to impose themselves on these people, at will, and if not, why not?

A. Because these people are dangerously vulnerable, being at the mercy of this landlord
B. Because the landlord is in a dangerously powerful situation, where they can dominate others at will

Both of these are beside the point; the fact of this vile “mistreatment” and wicked “domination” is enough of a reason to “challenge” this behaviour. In fact, beyond challenging it; this whole situation is so criminal that it would need to brought to an end immediately, but if you still need persuading, let me convince you further.

Imagine there was a “local paedophile” that regularly went around “seducing” young girls, and, upon picking them up in parks, violently sodomised them. Now then, would anyone see this as a tolerable situation? Would anyone think that this situation should persist for a week, a month, a year, a decade, fifty years, a century, etc? At any point, would it be “just” for us to accept that this arrangement is just how things should be, have always been, or just as they are?

I don’t think so.

This is how “oppressed” people have “forgotten” to see domination; as a wholly abominable situation that should never exist… and in 11 months, if we are still reflecting on it, we will be saying that it was a insane situation that should never have persisted, never mind, existed!!!!

11 months,

then WE’RE moving on….

And yet, once this oppression is removed, what becomes of our radio host? What then; what becomes of them; in the next post, I will explore a possibility;

P.S. 11 months is a bit long, I know, and yet, let’s admit it; we are shamefully patient; in fact, it is more accurate to say that some of us are  easily distracted, and adept at procrastinating

I’m making allowances for us.

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