The Need for Justice

I have outlined the concept of a prison with the oppressed people as the inmates; however, this analogy is not complete. These people have been involuntarily confined having been paradoxically defined as both helpless “minors” (wards of the court) and cognitively impaired, geriatrics. At any rate, we the oppressed are treated as people with DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY; we are INCAPACITATED by the state of dysfunction that epitomises our lives. We therefore, fail to complete childhood, with the result being that adulthood remains a distant and remote possibility. Having little IMPACT on our own lives, our fates are left in the hands of others as we dwell at their mercy. Often we WAIT for them to INTERVENE on we attempt to get their attention by REASONING or attempting to BARGAIN with them, wishing to win their SYMPATHY but this is insane.

Their idol is violence and their RELIGION encourages them to mistreat others. For this reason, no matter how much FACTS are presented to them, they will not alter their paradigm because the supremacy of their religion is rooted on this idea of African INCOMPETENCE. They depend upon irresponsibility. They rely upon recklessness. No amount of facts will change their belief because their beliefs are not rooted in facts but legitimised mythologies. Many oppressed people further frustrate themselves because they fail to comprehend this playing-field. They still operate under the assumptions of many faulty foundations; principally the peculiarly preposterous premise that reality will CONVINCE these liars. It will not; their lies serve some important purpose; we are the people they sacrifice so that they can relieve themselves, but let’s look at the other side of this.

The need for justice arises from the need to have the children of the Eternal express and utilise their talents to the service of each other. If the oppressed can nurture or cultivate their talent; and transform their potential, they can rise above their circumstances and even correct them. If they can be their true selves, they can come to devote themselves to improving their lives and bettering each other through collectively worship. This is what the religion of justice is all about. It is not about “getting vex”, even if it often entails being righteously indignant; oppressed people are bitter because they are impeded on their way to being themselves; they are essentially denied themselves through the alienating process, and then, with their identity held to ransom, and their selfhood held captive, they are then accused of being inherently dysfunctional, and so, maladjustment follows.

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3 Responses to The Need for Justice

  1. Onitaset says:

    The word “Oppression” often fails to acknowledge that Europeans are not just violent against Africans but violent against themselves too. We sometimes forget that Europeans are simply violent and tribalistic, due to their history as nomadic pirates.

    More information can be seen here:
    And here:

    The end of “Oppression” is separation. For the European is not “Oppressive” but “Violent and Tribalistic” notwithstanding the African presence and he’s only magnified in violence and tribalism because African people ignore the European’s destructive nature.

    I.e. in the History of Harlem, seen here:, When the Germans moved in the Dutch moved out and when the Irish moved in the Germans moved out.

    But African people don’t see a reason to move (or defend) when another tribe invades. Hence the heightened violence.

    Truly, we must no longer subscribe to moral universalism. We must recognize that we should organize Prosperous, Independent African Communities.

    “Justice” is particular to a mode of organization–a race.


    • omalone1 says:

      Indeed, there is a need for a “strategic withdrawal” and yet, I imagine a universalist/supremacist will claim this is separatist, despite this provocative term being relatively meaningless. Even earlier, I was thinking about the way in which, and extent to which the “racists” have colonised the vocabulary, and thereby, defined reality. In this paradigm, the Team have made “dissent” synonymous with “hate”, implying that anyway entertaining this idea is being “destructive”, and ought to be targetted. Again, it is “white supremacy,” or what others might see as “European domination.” Either way, I do not think that liberation is “abstract”, but something to become a reality.

      p.s. I do not imagine we are working from the same manual, reading the same book, looking at the same screen or operating from the same code, however, if there is a continued exchange, we might be able to arrive at a product that is constructive.
      …and if “justice” is relative, how shall we relate?

      • Onitaset says:

        When a Muslim stones an adulterer, is it just? To you–as an African–no. But clearly the Asian transgressors find it just.

        When our ancestors have their backs whipped for disobeying a European, is it just? To you–as an African–no. But clearly the European transgressors find it just. Correct?

        When, for instance, a bank charges a high interest on a loan, is it just? To you–as an African–no. But clearly the Asian transgressors find it just. Right?

        So, if so much “injustice” is normalized around you, but you and yours alone believe that it’s unjust, why do you think that justice is universal?

        It’s a great delusion of society that justice is universal.

        Technically speaking the African sense of justice is at the core of every other form of justice. But Europeans and Asians have added upon this core (for themselves) and thus interracial justice is senseless.

        In my description of the races, I describe the ‘three’ racial forms of justice:

        Nevertheless, our ethics is clearly linked with our need to restore our ancestral ways. This is justice to us, but not to Europeans or Asians.

        That said, separation is necessary. Because we are not a people who even agree on ‘justice.’


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