Hello , r u p…


Hello , r u paying attention or r u just so enthralled by our natural heritage. Indeed, the creator seems to have been generous to us. Or maybe nature was just stingy to Europe. And yet, these gifts to “black culture” have been misused by the nihilism that “black culture” (pronounded “British”) now represents. Black is British.

Black culture is British culture, for it is degenerate, deracinating and degrading, demeaning whatever beauty it wraps it paws around. Black females have always had these “bodies” so why is it only an issue now? I imagine that it’s suddenly the case because Britishness has decided to extend its influence through a new expansion; an extension of Britsh culture throug Corporate Values.

Having been successfully “trained” to value products over people, and power over people to power with people naturally it follows that the “will to power” comes to dominate the consciousness of “blak folk”. The next phase of British culture has taken effect as “we the people” trade and view each other as commodities.. anti-sexual and anti-life.


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