Gullible People (part 3)

11 months left and then white domination will be so removed from both our consciousness and our reality that it will not even be folklore. It will cease to be in operation; this being so, I have been thinking about what happens next. Suddenly, all them books on black revolutionary struggle, and papers on unwilling white privilege, will finally be redundant. Even my own books will cease to be useful, so then what?

I’ve been thinking… I myself; what am I going to do after November. I might just have to find a real job. I mean, by then, I will either have been kicked out of the church, or it will have closed down.

Almost forgot; it might be useful to have a contingency plan for if the 11 month counter-offensive fails!!!

Just in case the plan fails and I do become a target, (E.O.T.S.) I might just need to start bleaching my skin and mutate my hair so it looks like a blonde Drogba. I will need an Oriental girlfriend that looks malnourished, and who definitely has glasses and regularly attends church.

Also, I might need to get extreme.

I might have to start trading in family members for public safety. don’t blame me; its the environment; it’s not my fault, it’s society. Furthermore, I wll deny all allegiances and change my name to Edward Phillip Charles. (I think that name will pass.) I will just want to be safe.

but do not fret,

this only comes into effect if the 11 month plan crumbles

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