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I just want to warn everyone that reads anything on this site, that I am not an “expert” meaning, I have no definitive answers. (In fact, I’m weary of anyone who claims to have any.) At best, I can only suggest courses of actions, or advocate new directions to explore, but I can not pretend to have all the answers. I confess that I have no advantage over others, and yet, why do I present the material on this site? I present the material to share my own progress. I was born into this also. I was immersed in all the nonsense, and bombarded with the lies, and so naturally, I came to internalise these myths and build my life around them. I would surely have remained in line with the programme, operating upon lies, and functioning ineffectively, had it not been for an earnest desire to find “truth.”

I sought out alternative explanations for the dysfunctions and failings in my own life, and so, began to search for answers. In this time, I found many answers, but was content with few. In fact, I found that individuals who claimed to have the answers were quite confused, and with nothing of substance to share. They had come to mistake lies for truths, and myths for realities, and so, when they offered what they thought were answers, they were merely making statements which had no meaning, effect or significance, and so I went higher… and this is what I found. That our lives have been centred on the following script, for “All Of 50 Years”


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