Here are some of the leading ways in which “whites” maintain their positions of “privilege” (More like “absolute dominance”.) Feel free to add:

  1. Complaining that they too are victims of white supremacy
  2. Chatting “buckets of words” when you ask them why “Jesus” is depicted as “white”
  3. Professing to be “anti-racists”, and even claiming they have a track record of work
  4. Claiming that we are “all slaves”, and saying we also have a “common enemy”
  5. Saying that they are colour-blind, and professing to treat people as human-first
  6. Professing to be “Christian” or regularly attending Church
  7. Treating “oppressed people” as delusional when these people challenge their mistreatment
  8. Gossiping about the people they subject to their oppression
  9. Shuffling papers and sharing (confidential) files and collected data with “professionals”
  10. Making out as if they are uncomfortable, through gestures, when “oppressed” people publicly discuss their mistreatment
  11. Claiming that “slavery” was a grave wrong, that was “horrible” “despicable” and “criminal”
  12. By calling people “racist” and/or saying they have been, or are, subjected to “racism.”

I suggest that when you are speaking to, or talking with our pale friends, you assume that they are going to lie to you even before they open their mouths. They just cannot help it; they must justify themselves, and on top of this, being blind to the reality of themselves, they will defend the false impression they have of themselves; the ideas that they are not “racist” (“evil.”)

I stay away from “speaking engagements” (i.e., “discussions”/”exchanges”) with these people because I need to maintain my peace of mind and integrity of thought.

They will lie to you even without meaning to. They cannot help it. Often being confused themselves, it’s just what they’ve been trained to do.

Either way, even if you do get these people to share your view, or agree with you, then what…? Spend even more hours trying to persuade blind people that the sky is above, and that the stars are far???

Bonus: Here are two bonus inclusions:

* Getting nervous when anyone uses “colourful” terms
* accusing you or being “racist”, or claiming you live in the past, and then proceeding to interrogate you,

Thanks for reading,

Now stop listening

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