Distinguishing Giftedness from Aspergers; will the DSM-5 help?

although this is not comprehensive, it was difficult to find any wordpress sites exploring this issue so I chose this one. Apart from James Webb’s “Misdiagnosis of the Gifted” this is really all I can find (although I would urge you to read Donna Y Ford and Joy Davis.) If readers are not making the connection, think about the book “Kill them Before They Grow” No, Think about the SUBTITLE. *ding*

Autism & Oughtisms

There’s a fine line between giftedness and Aspergers. This thought-provoking and carefully considered article, explains to a certain extent how closely related the two can be (or more precisely, can seem to be). There are people – including professionals – who hold to the position that to be gifted is to have Aspergers; but they tend not to believe the inverse, that having Aspergers is the same as being gifted.

Clearly the claim that Aspergers and giftedness are the same in some regard, can be a confused and distorting view. If one insists on a relationship between them, surely it makes sense to think of them as potentially “co-morbid:” That sometimes people who have Aspergers are gifted, and sometimes they’re not. Similarly, sometimes people who are gifted have Aspergers, and sometimes they don’t. How tightly related the two “conditions” are, might reflect confused and imprecise diagnostic practices, rather than…

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