Meaningful Plans with outLINES

I am informed that Roy Brooks, author of “Atonement and Forgiveness: A New model for black reparations” advances the idea of a trust fund. It is reported that essentially we need a trust fund to reward oppressed people for maintaining their sense of integrity in the face. Expanding this, I would add that this trust fund must also serve the purpose of compensating the victims of organised crime, for the system of white domination is “organised crime.” Beneficiaries of this crime WORSHIP the God of DECEIT. Mistreating non-white people is a RITUALISTIC form of blood SACRIFICE to their God of VIOLENCE. Their mistreatment reflects their DESIRE; they heed to TEMPTATION, for this violence excites them; it is TOXIC, infectious and stimulating. They are quietly fascinated with the ways in which they can MANIPULATE others without them realising or resisting. There is a morbid curiosity to it all that they cannot ADMIT to. It is salaciously SHAMEFUL but something they probably wish to continue.

By benefiting from their “skin”, they worship their God, looking the other way whilst society does the dirty work for them. This system does not need some “hooligans” that “lynch” oppressed people; it does this economically, and terrorises them indefinitely. By virtue of not “retaliating” against the violence of this system, whites are culpable. It is a joke that these people claim that they cannot be “blamed” for crimes of the past because the oppressed people are complaining about the crimes of the present. They cannot, however, apologise for something still going o, just as people cannot forget about something that persists and continues. The Poker Game analogy is precise. These people who have cheated us out of our chips from the beginning of the game have taken. They must make amends; they cannot simply stop cheating; they have to give back. It really is that simply, however, like the illusionists who fabricate this romantic fiction of “the community”, they must obscure the reality of the issue.

For a moment, I want you to imagine what would happen if this system of oppression were dismantled. I want you to CONCEIVE the IMPOSSIBLE and just try to imagine the number of SINCERE people that would be put out of business for, once you get a grasp of that, you might come to realise who your immediate FRIENDS are in this battle. I want you to think about the number of people that will probably have to throw away their pirate/bootlegged DVD’s; the number of African Bookstores that will close; the number of spiritual healers that will be made redundant; the number of RADIO STATIONS that will cease to be important. If we no longer needed to CELEBRATE our GLORIOUS past because we had a HARMONIOUS PRESENT, how many HISTORIANS (cough, cough, “CLARKE’s”) would cease to be ICONIC? I urge people to think about this; in all these years, since we have had access to all this (“too-much”) information, what meaningful, substantial, tangible and material gains have oppressed people achieved or made. Although there is a lot to that question, the key emphasis has to fall upon the word meaningful for that invalidates much of the expected rhetoric. Idolatry in the form of consumption has “improved” but quality of life has not followed.

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