Trailing Whiteness

If racial injustice is going to come to an end then an effort must be made to enforce this decree. This demand has not been made because racial injustice has not been understood; much rather, it has been obfuscated. Those who benefit from practicing racial injustice often do so simply by receiving the dividends of the system their identity is invested in. Whether they practice it implicitly or explicitly, the system remains intact because they have a primary allegiance to the system even if they do not express this wish; a primal desire.

There are Europeans who profess to be “anti-racists”, whilst the system remains. In truth, they cannot be anti-racists without first being qualified to do so; they must first do the unthinkable and ASK the oppressed people what they can do rather than inventing their own “anti-racist” strategies. Anti-racists, however, are “racist” because they are essentially forcing their “HELP” upon non-whites. They are misleading the non-white people by giving them the wrong impression; the impression that they are reliable allies that be counted upon the work against racist-practice. This is a contradiction; they cannot be against the very thing they are. Under this system, within this context, NO European is exceptional; they are only variations on the rule. They are raised that way.

If this issue is going to be deal with it has to be properly approached and corrected addressed which can only be done by framing it in its correct context. I want to say this; we are looking for justice, which happens to be racial justice. The pursuit of Justice is Worship. This pledge reflects the desire to serve the God of Justice whilst being fulfilled in the process. Justice is our “FRIEND”; it is redemptive, but to be truly intimate with Justice, closely connected and genuinely belonging to it, Justice has to be attained in reality and not merely the cognitive realm. Justice must also be a material reality that allows people the live the lives they can as the God of Justice desires. Seeking Justice is RIGHT; no-one can feel guilty for doing this for that would be destructive. Anyone who might try to inculcate this feeling of insignificance and shame, this person probably has an interest in maintaining the present system of injustice and oppression.

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