Over Here

Your Most Gracious and High Excellence, may I just say that I am most beholden** to have you extend your infinite mercy towards me. ) I am not a threat [cf Letter to “pale” folks]. In fact, I am eager to advance my scriptural studies by having your guidance in learning how to pray. There are others like myself wondering how we may best worship you, precious kith and kin, and so, if you would be even more merciful, spare a thought for “us” poor unfortunates who are still, “learning how to pray.” I envy, admire, and emulate you. Prior to your arrival on the baron shores of Ghana, the Africans were floating about. Of course, this was prior to the invention of gravity.

Many of these Africans, unable to remain grounded, would climb trees, in an attempt to gain some footing, but still didn’t find it. Unfortunately, they still are no closer today, as their “Ghetto Scholarship” (in contrast to “City Scholarship”) sees them further their desire to “build castles in the sky”, even as their world crumbles around them. May the likes of Garvey return, for he was the only African inspired enough to make contact with Your Highness, Edward Young Clarke (June 25, 1922), however, unappreciated by his fellows, he was shunned, and became the target of a vicious “Garvey Must Go” campaign. May you have mercy on their lost souls.

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