Merry Kwanza

December 30th… you know what that means don’t you. It’s KWANZA. The FBI created, black appropriated, not-Xmas, blackXmas celebration. Confused… I am!!! But that’s not why I’m writing this entry. I’m writing to reflect upon four years of non-conscious-consciousness.

Although Kwanza is essentialy supposed to be a celebration of black culture (whatever that is), and a demonstration of a unified front against the forces of Western Oppression, in truth, it is a mere reaction to the oppression. In fact, often, it reflects the effectiveness of the very oppression it professes to be against, but that’s not why I’m writing this entry.

I first found out about “black consciousness” four years ago, in Spring 2007. I attended an “Afrikan Family Day” event in South London, and ended up “joining” the Pan African Society Community Forum. At the time I joined, this offshoot group was attempting to establish a youth forum that was to be an extension of the adult group. We started meeting at the Southbank University and after a few “gatherings”, we were called to write a paper outlining our visions and values, as well as our aims and objectives for the group. But that’s not why I’m writing this entry.

After a few months of “experimenting” with the PASCF, I eventually ended up attending their festive celebration, KWANZA. At this event, however, something peculiar happened. After repeated disputes and arguments with one of the group leaders, I was actually “invited” by them to speak to the congregation. After much mild resistance, I accepted the offer…

I told them that collectively, they were complacent.

After almost 18 months, I parted company with the group.

They weren’t progressive.

Four years later, I find myself hours away from the fourth year anniversary of that time when a “rude” youth spoke…

only this time, I get set to meet the group with much less optimism.

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