Ill Mental

In my “main” time, I also “facilitate” a church-based, youth group. I would call it “Sunday school” but I imagine that by now, they’ve probably had enough of schooling (read “violence.”)  Instead, I merely host the group and facilitate biblio-centric discussions, and yet, with the “Scriptures”, I have many reservations. How am I to morally guide this congregation???

James Baldwin is meant to have wrote that “Education is indoctrination if you’re white – subjugation if you’re black.” Similarly, every time I teach this predominantly “nice” group (I don’t see colour), I secretly harbour many doubts. Must I instruct these children whilst lying to them, all the time denying the truth about “The Africans Who Wrote the Bible”???

To begin with, the church is predicated on a lie: “white Jesus.” By now, most “oppressed” people can look upon this image with jest, and yet, the humour they poke at this figure is mixed. It both reflects their tragically desperate situation (having to stare in the face of lies but pretend that these lies are respectable) and hopelessly violent predicament (having to appease poignant contradictions for the sake of not disturbing the “peace.”)

Being familiar with the “history” of the church, how do I “teach” a congregation, especially one filled with “the enemy’s children?” How can I profess to believe that “white Jesus” is the  “way, the truth and the light” when in truth, he is a (visual) lie? This is the least of my worries. 

It has been said that there is no such thing as a “Christian” to begin with (cf George Gordon’s “The Law Hour and Editorial Review” series: Scriptural Views on Christianity.) This being so, how can one “not” be a Christian if to begin with, there is no qualification for being something that cannot exist? Even attempting to reconcile these contradictions is madness.


This section of “nomasons.blogspot/wordpress” will explore these attempts.


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