Waiting for news of miracles, the man in the cloud, wake up to your fate,
Relating to truth is difficult, the plan you’re allowed is this
You can shoot hoops or kick ball cuz’ that’s all you get [unfortunate]
Neglected by the mainstream (marginalised), you can day dream, stars in your eyes
But it’s not gonna’ happen, to be on top of the mountain,
The platinum album from rapping, the yacht the house and accountant,
The bouncing ladies you pounce on without the doubts or maybes oh please,
You just found your way in the world, and if you stay in then well done,
Like a gunner, 100 units, you’re on the move, but what’s become of you
To your horror, you’re not with honour, body in the bonnet,
Your just another, from the understated borough’s latest craze
You followed them, chasing status, tomorrow
Complacency made you hollow; this game of fame isn’t thorough
Its blatant breaking of morals, you take the pain in the sorrow
And lately you’re sinking with no hope, mainly through drinking
You swallow, borrowed, monolithic thinking (no apologies)
Bottle’s thrown up, mostly broken, domes open,
Hitting combos in the mix, it’s just the lottery of madness, the business,
As twisted as sex with your sisters, the mistress
The wife is missing; you fight so despite your mission
You start to wish you didn’t listen to the written message in the spoken world
Little Britain’s all disturbed, it erupts in the prison
Lines are blurred, the absurd riddle, right in the middle and liminal
Sick of limits and formidable visuals, disciplines by cynical arts
Lyrical scars and verse, isn’t winning women a nasty curse
That you vainly claim to rise above, but you’re stuck, pretty much done
Getting sucked in, naked, shamed, punctured, names corrupted,
Tame adjustment to consumption patterns, subtle functions,
Damaged by lust you happy? Never have enough to carry you pass your grave,
nothing matters, trust as shattered, as mirror (image) on your darkest days
You mask your hate, and cast to mimic, hardly in lit
Many suffer can’t envision nay other path to living,
Errors, the part you play, the toughest stain
Silly remarks you made, they must remain, from start to finish
You argue but they aren’t erased, you answer to drama critics
And mask your hate, you’re drafting the cast to mimic, ever stubborn
So your hardly in it… devil’s bluffing, it’s the harshest leisure,

1 Response to Expressionz

  1. omalone1 says:

    I dream of Tracy Chapman’s “fast car, wanting to be like Monica and “get away, so like devlin I “run, waiting for Da silva to “touch me,
    Told by Envogue “don’t let go, I think of Diddy, as “I’m coming home, but I’m still scared of Natasha’s “wild horses, because “I bruise easily

    U dream of Chapman’s “fast car, wanting to be like Monica and “get away, so like Devlin u “run, but like Anancie your “weak, unlike the Olive, unsold, realise that “your not alone, told by Envogue “don’t let go, so like Diddy ur “coming home, to be like Eva as you sleep, on a Bed in “fields of gold, but still ure afraid of a Sting from a “desert rose, like Natasha’s “wild horses, ur scared, (though ‘unwritten) repeating, “I bruise easily, so never near to deep end, Kravitz says “believe in me, but to meet your needs, just breathe and see the seeds of peace, for if deeds deceive, delete them, u’ll be bereaved, unspeakably defeated feeling, at least agree, to leave, don’t keep on dreaming, for were falling apart as we burn in the cold, yet walk in the dark for, “these words are my own

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