Ending Tomorrow

Earlier today, I conveyed to a friend the vision I had of a renewed world. I told him that in 11 months, there would be no more racial injustice, to which he responded “a mighty task. I just realised that things and people are what they are because they want to be. I spent years trying to make a difference [but] failed.” I cannot, however, see where he is coming from. Although we may be staring at the same screen, I can assure you that we are watching an entirely different movie. Based on the arguments outlined above, I think that it is clear to say that this issue will be resolved as soon as the prisoners (oppressed) realise their oppression and cease to collude with the wardens (oppressors). They must set themselves apart from these tyrannical, manipulative overlords.

I think that many oppressed people have misunderstood this issue of white domination because the fundamental premises of racial injustice have not been comprehended. I am not talking about “racism” when I speak; I am talking about “racial injustice” which is “white domination.” White domination is an oppressive hierarchy predicated upon the hegemony of whites. In the context of white domination, white people are entrusted with the power of choice; they are the people least subjected to control, as they are responsible for the management of resources and restrain of peoples. Racist behaviour is at large when these operators make explicit their implicit power. Whether they enter and cells and beat us is irrelevant; we are still on the other side of the door/wall, and they still hold the keys of power.

Racist-practitioners are not “out there somewhere”; it is a mode of operation that comes alive inside of whites when they surrender to temptation; it is an attempt to assert existence through demonstrating power. This power is “autonomy”; whites rebel against the very idea of being “equal” because they are trained to think of themselves as superior, seeing themselves and seeing each other as such. Whiteness is a supreme ideology “marketed” into the minds of all “non-white” people so as to interfere with their thought process, and sabotage their thinking patterns. I do not represent a problem, for, as one European commentator remarked “Negroes are not a problem because we’re a problem to the Negroes … it’s not the same thing at all and this is what I’ve become aware of.” They are the dysfunction; these sick people need healing.

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