I am not blaK

I am white. Therefore, I ought not to be targeted for “mistreatment” or “annihilation.” It needs to be appreciated that I have the same damned skin-condition as Uncle Ruckus, of the Boondocks. (“Many people mistake me for being Negro because they don’t know that I am currently living with the heartbreak of revitiligo.”) Notwithstanding this sickness, I ensure you that I maintain the system of pan-Europeanism daily.

In spite of my physical aberration, I am loyal to my White Folk (WF), a race in and of itself. I ensure that I uphold the dominant state of affairs, and perpetuate its popular ideas and perceptions. Although some may doubt my “whiteness”, such “white-hood” is easily demonstrated through my daily actions, as outlined. Every time it is late and I see fellow WF, or a single “pale”, I cross over so as to give them space, or I simply avoid making eye contact.

I make sure that when their bags are left alone, I never approach their bags, and instead, remove myself from their vicinity. I never use the word “white” in public, and I always return complimentary or customary smiles. I also try to be inside by 10pm, as any “blanc” people on the streets at this time, tend to be there for the purposes of criminality. I realise also that there are some people who have not been as privileged as I, as their genetic endowment has not been so kind.

This being so, I do my best to recognise other “non-white” servants of “white-hood”, and do my best to make their “jobs” easier. Security guards are a primary example. Whenever I enter into a store, I never look the guard in the eye; I always take off my hood; I always keep my hands where they can be seen and I never suddenly gesture towards my pockets.

If, however, anyone is aware of any other ways in which I can uphold this system, perpetuating and advancing it, I would appreciate the feedback dearly…

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