females speak


A black girl in Glasgow (Scotland) wrote the following about the dilemma of her existence. She struggles to find that “black man” who will support her, rather than misuse her, and yet, not finding this, she wonders about pairing up with Tarzan, even at the expense of being exploited:

Lol maybe I will…I like to write! Might be a feminist approach maybe you can help me… Once a sensible black woman enters the world of relationships and doesn’t want a dead beat baby daddy or trap star she is seen as being stush, so majority of black men look down on her etc and if they want her its for a link…if she dates a white man she is seen as being a sell out cos she achieving something and don’t wanna date black men no more, but then white men just wanna use her cause its a fantasy thing [about] booty and titties.. That’s my issue right now but its not cause I’m self sufficient but that’s my modern day personified dilemma kind of


Another girl wrote this piece and sent it to me. Much later, she revealed that it was her “suicide” note. At the moment, she is still alive, but maybe, on the inside, she is dead already:

Death presented herself in a purple gown, gold and silver embroidery on the sleeves pretty as picture. Flowers decorated her hair, her long fingers caressed my face wiping away my tears before they rolled down my cheeks. She whispered ‘i’m here’ as I resumed [a] fetal position like the day I was born. Her voice was sweet n comforting, I pulled the trigger, death held me like how my mother held me the day I was born. She looked into my eyes and smiled knowing I had arrived safetly – I was at peace now. I blinked, death, whos face had now become grey n eyes black dropped me down, her fingers that once looked like they could play on the piano a perfect melody to my life were now bloodstained. As my life flashed i realised just like my life [that] i was tricked, lied to once again. It was too late i could escape life but not death.

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2 Responses to females speak

  1. Onitaset says:

    The unspoken stream running through both speakers is the unspoken stream going through most of us: Despite the hype, our quality of life is low.

    For African people, improving community is the solution. Please point these women to this post of mine:


    Harriet Tubman had said:

    “I grew up like a neglected weed, ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it. Now that I’ve been free, I know what a dreadful condition slavery is.”

    Her condition during enslavement is our normal condition: We’re unaware of the better. The post I put out is a solution to that affliction.

    Thanks for sharing Brother,

    • omalone1 says:

      excellent reference, and yet, I would challenge you to add to this list of prominent/distinguished females:

      Sojourner Truth
      Mary Terrell
      Mary Bethune
      Mariam Anderson
      Ida Wells
      Frances Harper (abolitionist)
      Cathy Williams (buffalo soldier)
      Maria Stewart (orator)
      Julia Cooper

      apart from the following, list, can you add to these modern scholars
      Marimba Ani
      bel Hooks
      Frances Welsing
      Angela Davis
      Amy Garvey

      for more figures, check

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