No Thanks To You

From Malcolm X to Mark Essex

Competent Commentaries (103)
August 29, 2010, Mention of the Haiti meeting, and Pinter’s Teddy with Homer’s (Iliad) Cassandra. Refers to meetings as spectacles and reference Isaiah 53:3, on group rhetoric and fronting people

Monkey Mayhem
Eto, Mark Zoro, Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole, Wright Phillips, John Terry, Ron Atkinson, Luis Suarez, Balotelli, Yaya Toure, John Ludden on Maradona, Emmanuel Eboue, Sean RIgg, Christopher Alder,

The Edward Morten Letter
Fictitious letter , Nov 13th 1774

    Truly Yours (

Mention Gurdijieff and Palmer on complete body of thought. White criminals against war; Joy Lawson and Donna Ford, adopting the white frame work. Blacks ranked in hierarchy with undesirable attributes, and viewed as aggressive.

The Experience of Injustice
The method and function of oppression to denigrate and access; impact of being robbed of voice by the supremacist mindset and the inability to recover from the violence, irrespective of the insistence of others, in particular, the oppressors. End with Hall quote.

Expert Incompetence (P3 & P4)
1: the deficiencies in language and function of words. 2: the meaning of whiteness as oppression. Attempt to define racist. To reference something and/or someone as racist is to refer to a coherent pattern of domination which is, and reinforces, that which is dehumanising, inauthentic, fragmented and imposed, as defined by the denial and/or distortion of balance, harmony, equilibrium and wholeness.

Expert Incompetence (P2 & P1)
1: early mistakes made in exchanging information. Light and language damage non whites who do not share resources or decision; they need to be as competent as they are enthusiastic. 2: reference of Clarke on Booth, Miller on Manson and Laing on People – the group fits the bill.

Legal Matters
Breakdown of DLA tribunal and legal process

Disability Living
Nancy kreiger on John Henryism and Susan Rosenthal on injustice to treat people for their conditions, seemingly, as opposed to making them fit bill.

Organised Notes
Rundown of my issues

Epistemic Insult
Breakdown of inherent bias in medicine, and the professional’s reluctance to work alongside; I am not impressed with L Afrika, but he is correct that speaking to occidentals can ruin and jeopardise health.

Just Jest
Unconsciousness/domination is a total system people rarely discern unless particularly victimised. It demands and ridicules alternative and “other” ideas so as to render them impotent and inconceivable.

Testimonial Injustice
Realising experience of being victimised because they are white, not the other-way; non-elite are represented as irresponsible children requiring and demanding supervision and parenting to discipline and manage them. it was never about “race” in terms of colour, but in terms of [inherent] language (etymology) and [explicit] communication (epistemology.) Race is about Empire; ranking people, and excluding them based on a central but arbitrary orthodoxy which is artificially maintained by ideological force and conceptual deception. It is dishonour on the basis of identity.

Falling Asleep
Maybe I am defeatist and mention 4 books in 8 months. Difficult like Ezra Pound, Mark Essex, who was demeaned for protested, by apologist gatekeeper, they screened themselves. G warned against this and urged people to master text prior to reference and yet, I have heard qualified people who were not erudite. I gave up on waiting and soon published. I didn’t get recognition.

On Safari (book excerpts)
References to Making Race Matter and Youth in Society, Stuart Hall, Komi Bhabha, Claire Alexander, Jeremy Roche, Berker 1981, Fanon, Otherness, Shadism, Woodall and Matthews 1993

Eternal Birth
July 26 (week since last post), July 27, July 28 one year anniversary of, August 6 release of An End to Childhood, September 6 coming home, December … 1 year since Feltham. Approaching a century of ideas, I will use this area to cover the thoughts arranged by others: Amos Wilson on existential guilt, James Webb on existential depression, Miranda Fricker on epistemic insult and testimonial injustice.

Curiosities: settle colonial studies on skulls
The Curios Case of Integrated…The Bibliophile on Ota Benga from Bronx Zoo, Bernth Lindfors
Sarah Baartman: kathmanduk2,
Miranda Fricker: UNFSPB Florida Student Philosophy Blog
On Race, Culture and Sports: Commentaries on the times, Darwins Athletes and Prowess,
Reducing Black Women to Stereotypes: Tokenmutt, visually exploiting the body, blaxpoitation, Jezebel, stereotype, jungle booty,
Psychology of Black Stereotypes: blacklosangeles,
Marvin’s Room. Good Better and Best, popkultur3, Jojo and Chris Brown covers

Mention of sick self born inside by whites. Zanele says they have no regard for the life in the non white body; they maintain psychological distance with the branded subjects; (32nd post in phase) People stop trying and go from scholarship to anything else.

Existential Contempt (P 2)
Erik K Grimes, Marcus McGee, mention that I have no mentors but consider what to say to young warriors, and reference to gifted disintegration and existential depression.

Existential Contempt
July 7 visit home, poppa had the books but so what? As a result of their failure to intervene, then like the Team, they too represented the symbolic apparatus of oppression. They were the new colonists, but as people, they were dead. Although I did offer a token apology to father, I could not mean it, as to feel anything for someone so pitiful is impossibly implausible.

If Fuller Must Die
Amos Wilson, Ivan Pavlov, George Gordon, Mosaic Code, Wilfred Wood, Alan Watt, Krishnamurti, Manly Hall, Theosophy, Madama Blavatsky, Mater Djwhal, Secret Doctrine, Mystery Babylon
Annie Beasent, Luigi Pirandello, Order of the Star in the East, Charles Leadbeater, Maitreya The importance of being without teachers; code predating Fuller, and being logic and initiative in formalising principles

Who Hates
Analysing Gun Crime, and deconstructing it. Becoming elitist in mind in response to religious bunk, There is no community so abandon the people for the paper as there is no loyalty with sick people, so practice mental hygiene and keep clean of them.

Never Settle
Bumping into a girl who had gained some disproportionate weight in response to white terror. People are compromised by this regime, and yet, we lose sympathy for them. Whites have locked up resources and so of course we yearn for that and think “crime pays.” They settle for hood rats with weaves rather than wait for queens with naturals. I’ve struggled sine 2004 but like Jan D Matthews says, we have to resist

Growing Pains
Contrast Tariq elite with DMX and claiming they don’t know but who are blacks educating? I keep distance and limit contact. In moving from confusion to consciousness, I had to answer many questions. There is a duty to prepare others for the fight and to lead from the front.

Just Jest
The Team does a great job at playing, performing and pretending; so much so that I have concluded that they have the best sense of humour in the world. Sadly, their humour is not frequently matched. Minister Malcolm warned us, for instance, that the reason the oppressed people continue to get beat up and disappointed by the Team is because they really believe the Team when the Team talks about the “equality” they do not really “mean.” These magicians sure are funny, and yet, for all the jokes they propagate and/or promulgate, where are the jokes from the other side? In terms of joke-creation, since the gap in “invention” between whites and non-whites is so incredibly tragic, I thought I’ll get the “wheel” rolling by reviving interest in the topic:

Hardship Funds
Gus T Renegade doing a lot of work with mediocre, limited resources and I put out 3000 pages with inferior resources also. John Henryism comes to mind, and mention of Carter Woodson and Auguste Comte as people who work with little certainty but much planning.

Head Hunt
Student Finance assessment and discovering some of the provisions and entitlements: Student Finance: Lightweight Laptop (2 year insurance and maintenance); Aspire IT Training CD Rom; ClaroRead Plus (text to speed); Book Scanner; MS OFFICE; Book Chair; Inspiration (mind maps); Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech to text); Colour Inkjet Printer; Digital Recorder (Olympus); Unidirectional Microphone; Wheeled Carry Bag; Flo Chair; Relax Foot Rest; Small Book Allowance; Weekly Mentor; Training Sessions for Equipment; Funding for photocopying; Funding for Internet access [£15 per month, subscription, for digital TV, home telephone, mobile phone so £150]; Funding for small consumable items used to support proofreading, e.g. paper, inkjet cartridges. [£200]

The 8 Project
The professionals who stood by as my health degenerated and the 8 years including gym membership attempt, and push to get registered disabled. “I first discovered my functional disabilities when playing football, and yet, despite this being the childhood dream of all of us oppressed, wanna-be entertainers, I didn’t have a concept of how to “go pro.” Indeed, to operate as a non-white in this context is to be incompetent and incapacitated. *sigh*”

Me Behind The Veil (p 2)
* excerpts from Citizen King, 1963 “The Negro and the American Promise.”

Me Behind The Veil (p 1) Disparate Youth
* excerpts from Citizen King, 1963 “The Negro and the American Promise.”

Trauma Culture (podcast)
You Represent:, Typical Nigger Behaviour – “think about the Balotelli/DevilZilla picture”
Unfalsifiability …drugging whites* chechar.wordpress
Hell Wrong [Cree, belonging]*
Surviving the Let Go, Short Story on Erotica, Wordgasms,
Distinguishing Giftedness From Aspergers autismandoughtisms.wordpress
Racing Science, American Civilisation and Eugenic Science etc, AMCIV
Asa Hilliard The New Liberator
Unschooling Oppression
Sexual Hunters Positive Juice

European Supremacy in Football
Wizard Speaks, we finally reign supreme

Females Speak
Toshie and Bola

Prophecy Fulfilled (p 2)
Breakdown of a lyricism and completing the circle

Prophecy Fulfilled
Marimba Ani on Yurugu and Krishnamurti on being authentic and spontaneous; then Kimathi Carr and Oba Shaka on improvisation, and Eastern African drum in Jamaica; Kool Herc to America, and emcees over tracks.

*cf The Cows w/ The Irritated Genie of Soufeese No. 6, 01/11/10, following the Sara Suten Seti broadcast

All of 50 Posts
You search for places to go for some where’s got to be fun
But learn that patience is broke, unless a lottery’s won
And if tomorrow you die, you’re getting drunk of red rum
As you go looking for ass, you grab the butt of a gun
So as you lust for a slut you dream of succulent bums
This life is just not enough, relief is puffing the skunk

Neo Nihilists
James Baldwin and Randy Darden 1968,
Onyx, “Last Days”
Masta Ace “Other Side of Town”
Mobb Deep “Streets Raised Me”
Notorious Big “Suicidal Thoughts”
Tech N9ne “suicide letters”
Rakim “Waiting for the world to end”,
Kool G Rap “Ghetto Knows” & “Crime Pays”
Talib Kweli “Lonely People”
Cormega “The Saga”
DMX “Who We Be”
Melle Mel “The Message”

Top Ten
1. Kool G Rap, 2. Chino XL, 3. Canibus (inc and pre Rip the Jacker), 4. Big Pun, 5. Tonedeff, 6. Nino Bless, 7. Eminem*, 7. Papoose, 8. Rugged Man*, 8. Big L, 9. Cormega, 10. Crooked I
Mr Lif, Rakim, Tupac, Jean Grae, Masta Ace et al
Noreaga (post 98)m Manny Fresh, Master P, Nikki Minaj, Chamillionaire, Juelz Santana (pre-2004), Cap One, Kool Keith, Pharrel, Jermaine Dupri,

Making Malone/Medical Malice
Manuscript sent off yesterday and Dr Whyte suggests personality disorder.

African Maafa (Removing Agency)*

The Need For Justice
A breakdown of the prison of white supremacist which has us as incompetent psychotic children; People interfere with out autonomy and sabotage our potential but the religion of justice attempts to reconcile this to ensure that people maximise their talents.

Situation Absurd
Radio presenters are not serious; mistreatment has become a genre of musical expression. Asking for solutions is like asking for four grams of air in a bottle. They tolerate injustice and can not conceive of a world beyond this present situation. Cruel hoax of false premises.

Ending Tomorrow
Spoke with a friend who saw 11 months as a monumental task, but differentiate between racism and racial injustice which is white domination. It is a hierarchy operated by practitioners, with the ideology being implanted in minds. Roundtable says whites are a problem to the Negroes.

(no title) A.R.A.R.
They see blacks as extensions of themselves but this explains and deconstructs blackness. “whiteness is about oppression; blackness is about consumption.”
Breakdown of what it also means to have power as a white person.

(no title) Anti Racists Are Racists
I have found that “Europeans” are incapable of talking sensibly and coherently when it comes to sharing honest, reliable, and constructive information with coloured people, about how their people collectively operate. In short, Europeans are programmed to misdirect “coloured” people.
Refer to claim that African People Are Angry and Minister Malcolm was Separatist and Graven Images etc, emphasising the importance of not listening to whites, especially liberal spiel.

Shattering Silence
Can triers become doers as Jane Elliott exposes, if it was theirs. We are at war and will not set apart practitioners from beneficiaries, especially when the war is quiet and the weapons, silent. We are captive and these apologists will not concede this.

Renaissance Rebirth
Rabbi Arthur Waskow on Yom Kipper, Complaint about parochial people not doing what’s necessary, complacent people do not realise the seriousness of the issue as debunked by Steve Biko explaining the totality of white power. Meetings and ancestor worship will not suffice.

Meaningful Plans with OUTlines
Roy Brooks, author of “Atonement and Forgiveness: A New model for black reparations” but compensate the victims of organise crime. They have cheated others. These worshippers of deceit but for a second consider the people who would go out of this business if this problem was solved. Are they in a position to be sincere, considering potential loss?

Invisible Narrative
Deconstructing whiteness as devaluing people, “Remember: People only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” If serious people commit, this can be done in days but people with much at stake will complicate and mystify this.

Character Profile
Understanding the racist and their supremacist mindset, and the world constructed around them. Outlines methods such as dictating thoughts and feelings: “They like to pretend that they are OBLIVIOUS to the DAMAGE they do; the HARM that is done and the ways in which they INJURE other people, but their intentionality is inconsequential; They can afford not to care because there will be no retaliation”

Trailing Whiteness
Whether they practice it implicitly or explicitly, the system remains intact because they have a primary allegiance to the system even if they do not express this wish; a primal desire. The Pursuit of Justice is defined as worship and mention anti-racists forcing help.

Winning Eleven
Reality check on the B teams Opposition to the A Team.

Africans Wrote the Bible (part 2)
If Africans wrote the Scripture, is the colour red, Mention George Gordon and Thomas Szasz on childishness. Pentateuch encouraging accountability and strict liability; Ben Klassen of White Front gets mentioned for his critique.

Africans Wrote the Bible
Christianity and Culture, Scripture and Pastor Colin Akridge, Ashra Kwesi debate; Banchie Darkwah and John Clarke with mention to Thought and Society.

Forgetting John Henry Clarke
Clarke as the fantastic four; Clarke, Ben Williams, Jackson, Minister Malcolm. Born on day of publishing and adopted middle name, and John Henryism. These people just spoke!

Identifying the invisible narrative
Listervelt Middleton and Marimba Ani and “A core aspect of the maintenance of racism white supremacy or colonialism [is] making white domination [seem] organic, natural, and [ordained] by God”. People need to be serious, have urgency and priorities. If you want to tolerate oppression, do it as without removing this fact, all else is immaterial.

Lost Desire
Erotic Tale

1 W.A.Y.
“Even as I struggle to break away from the bond”, an expression

Gullible People (part 3)
Contemplating what to do in 11 months

What’s The Motive
At Kwanza yesterday, they had no motive, but I went to say goodbye. We are the youth,

Gullible People (part 2)
Pickachu, Casper, Mr Glass need to follow. Herbalists to get real jobs; battered wives radio listen

Mental Illness is Bunkum
Steph’s claim that she has bi-polar disorder but you need proficiency with language to see through this linguistic deception. Defining normal and wellbeing then end with Szasz quote on therapeutic state and ”behaviour that other people dislike.”

List ways they practice deception and says: “when you are speaking to, or talking with our pale friends, you assume that they are going to lie to you even before they open their mouths. They just cannot help it; they must justify themselves, and on top of this, being blind to the reality of themselves, they will defend the false impression they have of themselves; the ideas that they are not “racist” (“evil.”)”

Gullible People (part 1)
Thinking of Genesis Faithful, and idea of November being time to replace white domination, reflecting moral outrage and indignation and sodomist landlord.

Pitifully Pathetic
With reference to mediocre black pride church services, and modern circus of talk radio. Racists would have sponsored their congregation in my own view.

Ill Mental
Reflecting on the St Lukes Kitchen Group, and idea of education being subjugation if black, indoctrination if white, and teach them Africans Wrote the Bible. Considers George Gordon claiming there is no such thing as a Christian, and contradiction of praising whiteness.

All of 50 Years
She really thought she was good, high on the drug of her mum
Often pretends she’s a virgin, but undercover she humps
Asking her friends if it hurts them, there’s always someone to punk
But why disturb the uncertain and talk when nothing is done

Happy New Xmas
Home For Five Days and Upcoming Kwanza and being off centre and The Crowd, and Circadium Rhythmic Clock

Progressive People, Pretentious Pricks
Revieing four early attempts to sell G Wiz, Omalone etc and gives them ratings.

Decent Albums
List of favourite albums but would benefit from detail

Kernel Commission
Theoretical report on recommendations of a racial committee: “It is imperative they realise that they are operating in the context of “total war.” They are captive; a defeated and subjugated people that are in a dangerously dependent position; they are vulnerable, pitiful and effectively helpless; they are not “black”; they are “OPPRESSED.” Even if “Africa” (Alkebulan etc) is their home, “prison” is their reality. They must realise they are at the mercy of domination.”

Why 8
An attempt to define the 8 project and three select excerpts to evaluate

Loud Noise (part 2)
Problem Solvers are not Agenda Setters and superficial in thought; who would gain from having problem “solved”, self-help is not self-direction;

Loud Noise (part 1)
They want confirmation of fiction and call it solution to problem which itself reflects supremacist entitlement: “If you are oppressed, the first thing you want is a problem-solved, but the first thing you need is a thought-contextualised. I urge you to think in context and operate with perspective. Anything else is a “monumental fraud”,” the solution is their messiah.
Note: they want a fix but with primary loyalty, they do not realise the rotten core in their stomach and beneath their feet. They think only in terms of cosmetics.

Hello, r u p[aying attention…] –Aside
Black culture is British culture, for it is degenerate, deracinating and degrading, demeaning whatever beauty it wraps it paws around. Black females have always had these “bodies” so why is it only an issue now? I imagine that it’s suddenly the case because Britishness has decided to extend its influence through a new expansion; an extension of British culture through Corporate Values.

All Hail G Rap
25 years of the Genius and reference to full Essay to be published in Davis’ book “set for release early next year.”

I am not blaK
G Wiz speaks on serving white people daily

Ova Here
G Wiz praises white folk and begs for their mercy and grace

Disclaimer 11
Reference to an old preface to be put in the book that was soon placed in the appendix

Garvey was first contact, got proof Dec 24, It was supposed to serve as a seminal work, a masterful thesis, a significant contribution to academia; a grand synthesis of “African” thought but of course, it failed to live up to the hype, reflecting what happens when ambition exceeds talent. Ends with the epic words from the piece, An End …

Marcus Garvey
Review of disclaimers

Merry Kwanza
December 30th… you know what that means don’t you. It’s KWANZA. The FBI created, black appropriated, not-Xmas, blackXmas celebration. Confused… I am!!! But that’s not why I’m writing this entry. I’m writing to reflect upon four years of non-conscious-consciousness.” But that’s not why I’m writing this; the process of moving away and parting company with the PASCF.

Mission Statement
“we have appealed to the talented tenth for a remedy, but they nave nothing to offer” (p 107)
For the past 50 years, we’ve been stuck. Radio presenters have swallowed the nonsense; western academics have failed to inspire and community activists have not taken the necessary steps.

Just Imagine
I just want to warn everyone that reads anything on this site, that I am not an “expert” meaning, I have no definitive answers. (In fact, I’m weary of anyone who claims to have any.) At best, I can only suggest courses of actions, or advocate new directions to explore, but I can not pretend to have all the answers. I confess that I have no advantage over others, and yet, why do I present the material on this site? I present the material to share my own progress. I was born into this also. I was immersed in all the nonsense, and bombarded with the lies, and so naturally, I came to internalise these myths and build my life around them. I would surely have remained in line with the programme, operating upon lies, and functioning ineffectively, had it not been for an earnest desire to find “truth.”

I sought out alternative explanations for the dysfunctions and failings in my own life, and so, began to search for answers. In this time, I found many answers, but was content with few. In fact, I found that individuals who claimed to have the answers were quite confused, and with nothing of substance to share. They had come to mistake lies for truths, and myths for realities, and so, when they offered what they thought were answers, they were merely making statements which had no meaning, effect or significance, and so I went higher… and this is what I found. That our lives have been centred on the following script, for “All Of 50 Years”

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, Gary Byrd’s G.B. Experience: Essayist and theatre practitioner, Grand Wizard Gos (“[O].G.Malone”) is a White Nationalist devoted to defending the borders against all illegal immigrants and legal aliens (aka, “foreigners”.) Founder of “A.F.R.O.S.” the slowest declining pan-European organisation in East London, “G.Wiz” is committed to “creating spaces” where meaningful discussions can take place to counter the deceptive dialogues. Only by facilitating forums, and opening up real conversations can the vision of a new reality be realised.” [WOW]

End, 3:12, Saturday, January 05,

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