Surviving the Letting Go (a short story)

not sure where this blog creator got to but do appreciate this very thoughtful post. Think “sexual politics.”


They both stood at the door full of pride and bitterness and confusion and passion and hurt feelings.  The past weaved around them like those spider webs she hated cleaning. The tiny intricate webs, like that moment, meant that too much idle time had passed.  She had loved him in a way that made the Sun envious and work diligently towards re-entering her good graces.  They were a catastrophe, all beautiful and tucked in hues of blue and shame.  All she imagined is that it had all been a lie, but in that admittance also lay blame for her.  She willfully allowed him to mistreat her, assault her with the harshness of his indifference- that is until the folds of her Divinity lay in front of him. He would certainly oblige her in those moments. The others times, not so much.  Lora had committed to Adam though. She had been…

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