Loud Noise (part 1)

To begin with, these people who ask for “the solution” are really asking for a confirmation of something they already believe but something which is not true. They want their prejudices confirmed but not corrected, so in fact, they deceive people by implying that something can be built upon a shaky, and false, foundation.

Next, since the “supremacist mindset” is one of the key components in maintaining the system of oppression and cementing the mechanisms of control, in believing themselves to be entitled to “the solution” they are actually extending the mindset, and in that way, extending the very system (of thought) they profess to be against.

Next, because their concept of a solution is as limited as their concept of a problem, if ever one, a solution, were to present itself, or be presented, they would not be able to recognise it and because of that, they would not be able to apply it.

Also, in line with a sense of entitlement, like “overlords” they desire to have a “messiah” come forward and, in doing all the work/thinking for them, save or rescue them, without enquiring into how they got into their perilous situation to begin with. The problem with this is that, if they do not realise their situation, how they got into it, and why they are in it, the chances are that even if they were relieved of it, they would just as easily wind up back in the same situation without even realising it.

Many people who claim to want a “solution” are mislead; they are “donning” a mask and claiming an identity that is not their own. They are hiding behind a concept, a fiction, a disguise. In reality, only progressive people desire to remedy their difficulties, however, these people are far from serious. They still have a primary loyalty to the system, as reflected by the contradictions in their thinking and discrepancies in their speech and behaviour.

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