To Accuse Or Suspect (Vol 1)

To accuse or suspect

I was listening to genesisradio this Sunday, and sadly, the presenter did not seem to get it! He, with his caller, spoke about reparations; they claimed that people need to be educated about our experience; that reparations involved compensation but is not compensation alone; that the Europeans would have to give away their power; that we need to build our nation; that they must hold these terrorist dominators to account; that they need to be aware of what they have done and should take responsibility; that they are arrogant and have yet to realise Africans are human beings; perhaps still imagine nonwhites are 3 fifths of humans; that they have yet to look into post-traumatic slave syndrome and how that experience still effects us; that they must use European law to bring Europeans to account; that we need to sign a petition to demand the topic of reparations be brought up in parliament; that we need to build for ourselves; etc.

Afterwards, a caller phoned in and spoke about the theft of Afrikan identity. He had recently joined the unemployment line and realised that in the categorisation box, there was a new category of “white African.” He claimed that it was a ploy being used to plant the European in Africa, and ultimately erode the thrust of the reparations claim. The host added that they, presumably the Europeans, are always trying something to con us and that “they go around with impunity, doing whatever they want [knowing] no one is going to hold them to account for what they are doing; no one is going to stand up against them” and their economic and political terrorism. They concluded that all Africans owe it to themselves to go to the march. Before he left, he even complained about our experience of trying to get loans; being over-represented in the criminal system and having our image degraded in the media; that ultimately, we are purposely and deliberately being held back.

Sadly, this talk, heard before, is not constructive. It is little more than convoluted clowning and here in London, we have plenty of that. For the record, unless people, especially talkers, are structuring information and leaving legacies, they are playing about and for the past fifty years, as a result of being stuck with this clowning, we have regressed, hence, Alton Maddox’s dictum: “if black people were birds; we’d be flying backwards.” In this age of “too much information”, few people warrant listening to; this privilege is reserved for people who get it, and sadly, only a few do. Kimathi Carr gets it; Gus Renegade gets it; Neely Fuller gets it; Amos Wilson got it; Kamau Kambon definitely gets it; Mr Holispsism gets it; Asa Hilliard was on to it. Much earlier, in the afternoon, a colleague joined me as we spoke about it; The Situation. The topic was whiteness, and so far, it has yet to be thoroughly interrogated.

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  1. Onitaset says:


    There’s very little building one can do on Radio. I realize that as a blogger. For the most part, building has to be on a relational level. The Radio broadcaster had to be the result of Organizing not the the cause.

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