In line with the “neo-nihilist” genre of rap music, I have decided to play my full hand and reveal the veiled meaning of the hip hop confession booth:

[…] The black degeneracy movement… people who don’t follow groups… our people don’t have anything to believe in because everybody that they see is a disappointment… we’ve got to start walking with some type of consistency… we cannot replace anything if we become it. So if we become a bunch of homosexuals what good is replacing white supremacy if we’re homosexuals? That’s what we were trying to replace. The white’s behaviour If we want to be drug dealers and sell drugs to each other why replace white supremacy? Why not just sell drugs to each other. if we’re going to rape out own children, why get rid of white supremacy. That’s the reason we don’t like white supremacy. We are becoming our enemy… we are literally taking on the full characteristic of our enemy; we’re using their ideas. Its one thing to participate in poor behaviour, Its another thing to advocate it… for instance the whites, the psychopathic maniacs that they are, they enslaved our people but when you talk [to them] they got all kind of excuses … it’s ridiculous but they justify their poor behaviour and feel better… they’re black crackers… they want to do detriment… under the guise that its righteousness… all it requires you to say is … I don’t agree, I don’t think its healthy to get before our people and promote selling drugs to our people under any circumstances. It is true that whites have put that in our community and that many… don’t know any other way to make money but that, but its still wrong. (Genie)

[…] The way I look at it… white supremacy… they always refine the system… and they look for better ways to operate this system… so if one day… all the whites are doing all the beating… and then they realise… a preferable way to do it because they will keep themselves in check … so that that black person that’s beating you is still part of racism white supremacy but its become more effective because the white doesn’t have to show that he hates you; he’ll allow your brother or sister to brutalise you or mistreat you and then he’ll create or sow the seeds of self-hatred … it is more effective to get us to mistreat one another directly than to get them to do it themselves… have some real prophetic nature and foresight to see that… what we’re facing now is more dangerous … we have open warfare going on here where individuals are openly coming out and advocating behaviour that will completely destroy our community … and they’re doing it under the guise of doing the same thing that we’re doing… for the nationalist community it is not that we should be arguing with each other but we didn’t create this issue but the issue comes up… you deal with it or it deals with you… if you have and you give to a people… [who] are downtrodden, two different options: stay in your miserable condition and don’t do anything but feel good about yourself and think that you’re somebody or change your behaviour and lift yourself out of your condition and fight back which means; which means changing and admitting wrong that your doing… … and adjusting and trying to do better. Which one are they going to pick? (Genie)

Look at what happened to Fred Hampton… he didn’t have a dress on… he wasn’t acting crazy…and to see a black male who stayed in the same house as him, drug him… I don’t look at this as sacred; I look at this as extremely dirty… that’s what white supremacy is: total filth everyday … white supremacy produces degenerate black behaviour … there would be an endless list of black people that I would be fussing at for doing stupid things…. […] I see too many black people that are involved in this behaviour that… [there’s] not enough time in the world for me to just go around and snatch up all of these black people […] I think Sara Suten Seti has a lot of appeal for individuals who are not very mature and that’s dangerous… because I think when you have people who are not developed as critical thinkers, give them a message that sounds good, that’s catchy, but they’re not really … critically evaluating what they’re being given, and I think that is a real challenge… […] the system of white supremacy, one of its key components is retarding black people… I mean keeping someone from developing optimally, developing to your fullest potential, even me, I definitely feel I am far short of where I would be if there was no system of white supremacy… how do you reach people who are extremely immature[?]… with a message that is challenging them to mature, I mean growing up, putting the weed down, thinking about what you say… to really make someone clean up their behaviour… that is a massive challenge…I feel like any mature person… should be able to listen to a message and come to your own conclusions … we don’t treat each other in a familiar way under the system of white supremacy… (Gus)

*cf The Cows w/ The Irritated Genie of Soufeese No. 6, 01/11/10, following the Sara Suten Seti broadcast

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2 Responses to degeneracy

  1. diaryofanegress says:

    Black crackers or as I call them black Anglo-Saxons are just operating under the Willie lynch syndrome.

    • omalone1 says:

      I was so glad that Gus and Genie had this discussion as it has been bothering me for some time; the notion of endless justifications. The problem is, under a system of diminished responsibility, at what point can the victims realistically be blamed for the non-consciousness imposes upon them. Even if some feign “consciousness” surely these are the people who have woken from one dream into another, and yet, at what point can serious people discuss and explore the defining line of accountability.?

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