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This profile herein outlined will not make sense because the chances are, the image of a racist, in your mind, is utter rubbish that the racists themselves have marketed into you. In truth, racist operators can be identified by the following practices and codes. Racists like to dictate what victims of racist-practice are meant to think; feel and say. These Racists are ultimately supremacists; they imagine themselves to be at the centre of the world and then presume that everything else in the world is an extension of them; they have no respect for the world because they do not see it as distinct or separate from them. Therefore, they impose their will upon it without respecting that it has its own pace, time and rhythms in which to operate. In this way, the supremacist mind is violent; it interferes with what is right, correct, in balance and natural in favour of expedience.

The supremacists must DEFINE everything because this is akin to controlling everything. It they can LABEL something they can OWN it and supremacists MUST be in charge. They must be in CONTROL of all events, things and people; and feel a sense of WORRY if they are not. They minimise the world simply by imagining that it reflects their FRAGMENTED sense of existence. They interrupt and intervene as they INTERVENE, which almost always tends to amount to SABOTAGE. They cannot be honest or sincere because they operate as NON-CONSCIOUS people. They are out-of-tune with the world because they have dragged it out of HARMONY. They must wreak HAVOC and bring DESTRCUTION wherever they go and spread their GOOD NEWS because they are BLIND to the reality of themselves. They are not REQUIRED to be SELF-AWARE as they are perversely HYBRIDISED. Just as they TAKE OVER whatever they involve themselves with, they BLEND their identity with the world, in a draining, symbiotic fashion, and then EXPLOIT it for its RESOURCES.

Supremacists ca easily be identified by their SENSE of ENTITLEMENT. They think that everything merely exists to SERVE them for they are the natural ARISTOCRACY, the earth’s rightful RULERS; the PHILOSOPHER KINGS. They may not explicitly believe that they have a RIGHT to rule, but, in agreeing with MYTHS, and even perpetuating these FALSEHOODS, they naturally come to think of themselves as SUPERIOR. Their IDENTITY is therefore wrapped up in OPPRESSION. This identity, however, does not stop there, for it has painful consequences. These oppressors learn that they can MISTREAT other people at get away with it, and so learn that they ARE the LAW and even ABOVE it. They learn that they will not be held ACCOUNTABLE for their misdeeds and ill-demeanours. They will never have to CONFESS to this reality because they are INVISBLE. Their STATUS and POSITION is taken for granted because they will not be questioned and attention will not be brought to them.

They like to pretend that they are OBLIVIOUS to the DAMAGE they do, the HARM that is done and the ways in which they INJURE other people, but their intentionality is inconsequential. They can afford not to care because there will be no retaliation. The mediated-message and communication-modes will always EXPLAIN away their actions, meaning, they have the LUXURY of living by GRACE. They will be JUSTIFIED irrespective of their injustice, so they learn to ROLE-IDENTIFY and PLAY-GAMES. White people, amongst each other, let their guard down and say things they would not say in mixed company. Typically, this is “racialised jokes”, but also, it is the mantra of oppressed people needing to “get over the past.” Again, this is an example of the oppressor group maintaining their SUPREME AUTHORITY and disavowing their RESPONSIBILITY.

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