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End Of The Road


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Mode 1.2

Memories Dont Live Like People Do/Understanding the Supremacist Mindset For the longest time, we have tried to make sense out of “racist thought.” Although many people use the term to accuse, and perhaps attack others, very rarely is the term … Continue reading

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Mode 1.1 (an analysis of racist thought patterns)

Earlier today, we received a letter confirming an “occupational therapy” appointment, and apparently, we should be delighted, and yet, far from it, we are not, as it is simply another example of “professionals” operating through racist thought, however, what do … Continue reading

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Let’s Get This Money

“You can’t spend your life doing foolishness” and indeed, we didn’t want to live in, or with, mediocrity, banality and/or absurdity. Impoverishment didn’t carry much appeal either; we wanted the things, items, goods, clothes, stuff; we wanted any symbol of … Continue reading

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Mensa Rejects

In order to qualify for Mensa, dubbed the high IQ society, you must be in the special 2%, which means, you score above 150, and yet, how are we to compare the pursuit or beauty with the pursuit of intelligence? … Continue reading

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Erotic Discontent (Sexual Politics , Oppression Studies)

From the beginning of its conception, it was believed that Negroes could be shown how to effectively imitate other people in order to be better people. Woodson writes: ‘when the Negroes in some way would learn to perform the duties … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Finish Fast (Mode One)

Apparently, if all the black guys cease “cooperating” (tolerating) black girls, we shall be doing a disloyalty to our race, as eventually, we will cease to produce offspring, meaning, the decline of our genetic heritage and tradition. Their point is, … Continue reading

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