Africans Wrote the Bible (part 2)

Beyond the question of the Colour of Christ, the deeper question of the Colour of Scripture still lingers, for many believe that it is tainted with blood. George Gordon, for example, asserts that an aggressive God took the land of Israel for God is sometimes ruthless. Meanwhile, various passages in the Scripture are replete with violence and confusion, so what is the value of this Scripture?

According to Thomas Szas (“The Myth of Mental Illness”) a primary reason for people being unable to be “adult” is their fixation of childish religions. In his view, the paternal aspects of Christianity stunt people in their development as it discourages responsibility in its attempt to encourage truth and nurture faith. If this is so, should we not turn from Scripture in favour of personal responsibility?

It does not stop here as according to Ben Klassen (of White Front), Christianity was a Jewish system of mind manipulation that was imposed on White people, by Jews. In his view, it was a religion promoted so as to render them docile and leave them incapable of offering up resistance to Jewish Supremacy. If this is so, should believers in Christ not turn to a more convincing religion.

There are other minor critics of Christ, however, to list their names would be ridiculously exhaustive. Some argue that Jesus was a deluded masochist, whilst others has condemned our collective Judeo-Christian heritage as leaving a legacy of violence in our hearts, and yet, what can be said in the defence of Scripture.

Of course, there are immediately limitations to the argument of Szas that I have outlined. The Pentateuch for instance strongly promotes individual accountability, in the form of strict liability. Meanwhile, on a number of occasions, Jesus asserts that the road of the righteous is “narrow.” There are other arguments and defences but I am not sure if they would be constructive.

In these “affairs of the heart” I side with the adage that approximately reminds us: “for those who believe no evidence will be necessary; for those who don’t, no proof will suffice.”

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