Forgetting John Henry Clarke

John Henryism refers to an individual’s “heightened susceptibility to hypertension” … [Syme (1979)] proposed that prolonged, high effort coping with difficult psychosocial stressors could be the explanation of … risk for this disorder.”  This has nothing to do with John Henrik Clarke, unless of course, we are going to link it to his eye condition. I included it because I thought it was funny. And simultaneously, might still apply anyway.


Last I heard (from “gossip” and other “rumours”), Clarke, like his other compatriots from the fantastic four (Clarke, Ben, Williams and Jackson) died in a nursing home. Maybe he did, or maybe he didn’t. Either way, he lost much of his eyesight, even if he improved his insight, and yet, are any of us any clearer on what our mission is in this new age? No!


I’ve heard a few people advance that Clarke was their teacher, just as some will claim that Minister Malcolm was their hero, and yet, apart from speak, what did these people do? Very little in fact. The sad reality is, desperate people are desperate to believe, and allow their enthusiasm for people to exceed their scepticism of people, with the result being, figures aren’t interrogated.


Clarke was born on this day, in 1915. He adapted his middle-name, “Henry”, to “Henrik”, after being moved by a play from Ibsen, the Hungarian playwright. (Ibsen seems to also have been read by Szas.)  Ibsen stressed the importance of the individual maintaining their values, and perspective, above and apart from the group, and so, this being the background for the name-change, when Clarke’s name becomes a fetish, is it even honourable? It is less than significant, and more like just another pointless tradition.

almost 4got

happy birthday Alex Ferguson

not 4getting anyone am I?

nah… they’re already 4gotten

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2 Responses to Forgetting John Henry Clarke

  1. Natasha says:

    I hate to break this to you, but Henrik Ibsen was not Hungarian. He was Norwegian. sorry, I had to…

    • omalone1 says:

      HOW DARE…. nah… I always like correcting the niggling details as without that particular attention to detail, minor errors can evolve into monstrous deceptions . I support proper scholarship and that necessitates a degree of accuracy and so your contribution is valued.

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