European Supremacy in football

Wizard Speaks, issue 1, July 4, 2012:

In the 1970’s the technical tacticians of Dutch Football created a style of playing that revolutionised the sport. This new style was to become known as “Total Football”, and it meant that each player in every position was capable in playing in almost every and any other position on the pitch, at any time. This system consisted of constant movement, quick inter-changes and high pressing, as well as drive and pace. To highlight the rise of this new western force, the World Cup of 1974 saw the Dutch take on Brazil in a game that was not very beautiful. Although the Dutch lost to West Germany in the final, it might be said that the best team won. Either way, with the Dutch having disposed of Uruguary (2-0) and Argentina (4-0), Europe proved herself superior to the world.

In 2010, the Dutch and the Samba boys met again, and yet, the result was the same with the Dutch emerging victorious, 2-1. In the final, however, their brutal style of football was uprooted when an extra-time goal by Iniesta won Spain the world-cup. Having won the European Championship in 2008 beating Germany 1-0. (They had beat Germany by the same score in the 2010 World Cup Semi-final.) On Sunday July 1, Germany were expected to play and beat Spain, in order to lift the cup, however, days earlier, Italy stunned them with a 2-0 victory, to send the Azurri into the finals. (The hero of the Germany game, Balotelli, was the first black footballer to represent Italy at the national level.)

Although some dreamt they might upset Spain, they were brushed aside as Spain made history. They recorded the biggest victory, by scoreline, in a major tournament final, but also, in addition to having Torres score in two European Championship finals, in lifting the crown, Spain became the first team to win three consecutive Major International Tournaments. (Although the USA shocked them in the Confederations Cup Semi-finals of 2009, this was not considered a serious tournament.)

Beyond the tournaments, surpassing the Brasil team of 1970 and Holland 1974, Spain 2008-2012 represent WHITE POWER, for, unlike Italy, there was not a single non-white in the team. Add to this that the core of the Spanish side play for Barcelona (considered in line with the great sides, and a team with no non-white members) maybe we are finally realising the natural talents of the non-white south-americans is no match for the technical mastery of the western Europeans!!! We finally reign supreme.

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