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I was recently listening to Rabbi Arthur Waskow exploring a passage from Isaiah which is routinely read at Yom Kipper, presumably a Jewish celebration. In this talk, he relayed the story of a Lion that stormed a liturgy with ferocious aplomb and fiery roaring. What happened to the Lion? After the noise, the Lion quietly joined and remained in the service. This is now what happens. I have examples of this; I have evidence; I have been on radio stations and attempted to change the PARADIGM only to be told I was either IRRELEVANT, “Too Intellectual”, or self-serving (maybe) They have told me that I must direct my work towards the imperative of Serving the fictitious community through my words. They have skipped over whatever new material I have tried to introduce under the pretence that it was not important to the everyday-person. In short, they have told me to descend the mountain rather than compel them to ascend it, but this is a joke. Serious people with a sincere desire to alleviate suffering and strive towards a harmonious world would do what is necessary. If these people cared for future generations they would probably put themselves through the suffering entailed by GROWTH. Comprehending information outside of the “cot” is difficult but at this typically critical and late stage, it must be done, just as people MUST go out and WORK.

I agree with the sentiment that “we are socialised with white people by white people… we have not gained control of the socialisation process.” Beyond mere rhetoric, what does this mean? It means that people are so trained to worship the system of white domination that even when they imagine themselves to be against it, they still serve it. This is reflected by the statements of people claiming to be heading to university so as to learn to fight the system. If these people were more honest with themselves at least they would demystify this bunkum. They are going to university to serve themselves and find security and then, if by chance they have found some safety, they will then attend a few meetings and talk a good word about the figurative ancestors. This is garbage. This is not effective and so, ineffective, it serves as a dangerous diversion. It implies that something is being done when it is not and yet, if these malingerers were removed from the spotlight, the more serious people might more rapidly realise the urgency of the situation. Europeans who pretend to be working against racist-practice provide the same pacifying effect, as examined by Steve Biko in Azan ia which also, used to be explicitly dominated by Europeans.

Steve Biko deconstructed white domination (“the totality of white power”) in Azania, saying “whites were in fact the main participants in our oppression and at the same time the main participants to the opposition to that oppression; it implied therefore that at no stage in this country were blacks throwing in their lot in the shift of political opinion; the arena was completely controlled by whites.” He also informed us that a sense of inferiority was deliberately inculcated by the system and therefore dictated that to overcome their oppression, the oppressed people attempting to counter white power refused to participate in multi-“racial” organisations. He said that it made no sense to participate in “the white man’s game” and urged people to destroy the platforms without giving legitimacy to the stage. Sadly, although it might be imagined that since his time, new counter-racists would have emerged with more effective strategies for countering white-domination, this has not happened, and will not happen. The current crop of people will not; they are COMPLACENT. They do not realise the seriousness of the issue confronting oppressed people. Like they “white-mind” inside their head, they have come to take their position for granted. In fact, if you listen to what they say and examine it in perspective, you will realise that these people are not even trying to bring “justice” into the world; often they just want to reduce the PAINful effects of injustice.

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