Winning Eleven

Football is a funny game. For Manchester United, Paul Scholes comes out of retirement (til May) whilst Thierry Henry returns to his native Arsenal (til March). I just thought this was funny as, in an old interview, Henry remarked that Scholes’ was the greatest opponent he had ever faced; (fancy seeing them play against each other again.)

Both players, however, started their “debut” games from the bench, respectively, implying that their positions in the first team could not be taken for granted. Their managers, I imagine, were sensible, but sadly, I do not think that the Liberation prophets are equally guided by sensibilities. I wonder, who is managing the “black” (B) team?

It seems that the “black” team, despite being at least 7 ‘goals down’ (decades behind) seem content to have unfit, mediocre players in the “first team”, on ridiculous salaries. Meanwhile, the quality talent remains locked away, loaned out to humble teams in foreign leagues or lower divisions. The fans, however, are still content to have these clowns represent them, as demonstrated by their full attendance at games, even in spite of extortionate prices.

I could go on, but I don’t want to see anymore. The other team (the White team/A-team) are so bored that they don’t even feel the need to score anymore; their position is so secure with time escaping. They are content to merely take speculative, long-distance shots; get the B team players sent off; run-down the clock; entertain their fans; show-boat or whatever else they “feel” like doing. In short, the B team is not a threat. The A team even stared scoring own-goals (i.e. Winfree,)

They must be bored.

The B team are not a threat.

In reflection, I think that these clowns need to be “removed” from the pitch, and I for one wouldn’t be upset if they happened to get injured, although, the A team has a vested interest in pretending they’re challenged as they maintain this farce. This can not continue. These farcical figures need to be forced off the pitched; substituted and FIRED. There are serious players in the ranks and waiting on the wings; these “selfish” people are not firing; against them, the A team doesn’t need protection.

We are going through serious times, and the deadline for overturning this racial deficit has been set for 11 months (or was it 7). This current squad of players need to pack their bags and make way for new talent. They have already been somewhat complicit in this great deception; they have tolerated this monumental farce; this magnificent fraud. It is a new day ahead; this current crop has no talent!

(Let’s apply some pressure)

The time for the “TALENTED TENTH” has passed; let us witness the rise of the WINNING ELEVEN.

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