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SEO London Creative Access

Dear — Congratulations! We would like to confirm your attendance at the Creative Access Reception at Channel 4 on the evening of MONDAY, APRIL 29TH, 2013. We will send you additional details of the event closer to the date, but … Continue reading

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Our Land (Supreme Understanding)

Rap, Race and Revolution, Solutions for Our Struggle, 2009, Supreme Design LLC, United States, Part Two: Guns and Ammo: If Einstein Was Black pp. 18 – 20, The conditions we live in give us an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. We … Continue reading

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Rise and Decolonize: Let’s Get Free! Nov 18th

Originally posted on Black Orchid Collective:
National-Call-to-Action: Rise & Decolonize! Let’s Get Free Rally DOWNTOWN SEATTLE – WESTLAKE CENTER Seattle, WA, Friday, November 18, 2011 at 5:00pm – In solidarity with All Peoples Revolutionary Front and the POC Caucus of Occupy…

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Malone At The Crossroads (III)

At the time, we utilised three key search engines: lycos, dogpile and altavista. yet again, football movies were the primary objective with other things soon becoming alternative goals. Yes, we managed to capture clips on fighting, football, rap battles and … Continue reading

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Colonization: A War for Territory

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
By Zig-Zag, (Originally pub. 1999 as Colonization is Always War, Revised 2012) “If anyone is trying to destroy you, STOP HIM!” Karoniaktajeh – Louis Hall, Warrior’s Handbook p. 1 War & Colonization Just slightly…

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Malone At The Crossroads (II)

“when you leave home sometimes you really forget who you are… you forget the values that they teach you” At that time, having parted from our formidable master,, and having settled in with the future, we were still trying to … Continue reading

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robert goodin on settling

Originally posted on settler colonial studies blog:
Robert E. Goodin, On Settling (Princeton University Press, 2012). In a culture that worships ceaseless striving, “settling” seems like giving up. But is it? On Settling defends the positive value of settling, explaining…

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Malone At The CrossRoads

It was about six years ago that this madness began. It was some time in 2008, that the early warnings signs were there.By this “it”, we are referring to the breakdown and the fallout which lead to a rapid detachment … Continue reading

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Malcolm X and James Baldwin: Two Journeys to Truth

Originally posted on crg@cgp:
Malcolm X, 1964, Wikimedia Common James Baldwin (center), 1963, Wikimedia Commons                       This week for class, we read the works of two men known for…

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new order of barbarians

If this weren’t bad enough, look at all the innocent words which black people have been responsible for removing from the otherwise vast Romance Languages: Coon, Jiggaboo, Jungle Bunny, Negro/Negrito, Nig-Nog, Spook, Spade, Moon Cricket, Yard Ape, Sootie, Blackie, Darkie, … Continue reading

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