Learning Legacies (Juneteenth)

Here in England (London), we don’t have “leaders” but “figures.” We have personalities, and sometimes, icons. Our place is the radio space! These are the “conscious” stations that inform the “people.” They are as follows:

  • Genesis Radio 91.6
  • Omega Radio 104.1
  • Galaxy Afiwe, 102.5 (formerly 99.5)
  • Lips Radio 105.6

We also have internet radio which includes

In addition to these online broadcasts, we have a number of organisations

  • PASCF – Pan African Society Community Forum
  • AAPRP – All African People’s Revolutionary Party
  • NOI – Nation of Islam
  • Hebrew Israelites
  • Nuwaupians
  • Alkebulan Revivalist Movement

There is also a growing consciousness (“movement”) which explores Moorish identity and legal procedure.

Our “scholars” include
Lez Henry, Gus John, Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall

Prominent People include
Brother Omowale, Minkah, D Rowe (Genesis Founder), Uncle (Pioneer) Twilight Bey, Hakim Adi*, Toyin Agbetu, Asari, Mandaka, Darcus Howe,

Radio Personalities include
The Prophet Kwaku, Doctah X,

We also public figures such as
Dianne Abbott, Paul Boateng, David Lammy,

Our literature, although often obscure, remains extensive and includes commentaries such as

  • Vicious Circle
  • Savage Culture (Remi Kapo)
  • Whiteness Made Simple (Lez Henry)
  • The State of Black Britain (Aaron Haynes)
  • Black Britain
  • Aint No Black
  • A Different Hunger
  • Race and Racism (Jon Solomos)

We also have a number of historical titles

  • Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain (1984)
  • NEW Reconstructing The Black Past: Blacks in Britain c.1780-1830 by Norma Myers
  • There are collected essays which include
  • Making Race Matter
  • Invisible Europeans

Notable events includes

  • The Killing of Damiola Taylor
  • The Trial of the Mangrove 9
  • The many uprisings such as Brixton, Liverpool, Tottenham et al
  • The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
  • The Murder of Smiley Culture
  • The Murder of Mark Duggan

Also, it is worth noting that our television includes/included:

  • Get Up Stand Up (Channel 4)
  • The Real McCoy (BBC)
  • The A Force (BBC)
  • Desmonds

For the younger generation, we had

  • Keenan and Kel
  • The Fresh Prince of bel-air
  • Hanging with Mr Cooper
  • Sister Sister
  • Moesha
  • Dubplate Drama


They may not have been “informative” but they were quite “representative”. In fact, growing up, some of us flocked to Arsenal because they had players that looked like us. Likewise, we sided with Tiger Woods, Tim Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, et al

Yes, like “America”, we also have an abundance of “organisations”. In America, these have included, to name only a few

  • The Moorish Science Temple
  • The Lost Found Nation of Islam
  • The Hebrew Israelites
  • Nawaubians (Dr Malachi Z York)
  • The Pan African/Nationalists
  • Afrocentrism (Molefi Asanti)
  • The RBG (Dead Prez)
  • Five Percenters /Nation of Gods and Earths
  • Kemeticentric and Metaphysics (Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt)
  • New Black Panther Party for self-defence

In his useful article highlighting and analysing the current context of consciousness, Djehuty Ma’at-Ra writes

“…there are a plethora of dominant voices today, albeit grassroots level, that are championing the cause of Black centered consciousness and liberation, including the likes of Bobby Hemmit, Rev. Phil Valentine, Alim Bey, Ashra Kweisi, Jewel Pookrum, Ashra Kweisi, Dr. Delbert Blair, and most recently, the fiery and energetic Sara Suten Seti who uses ‘You Tube’ to convey his fiery and ‘real talk’ message to the masses of Black people and is greatly loved, respected, and well-received by the masses of Black people, especially on a grassroots level.”

In the debate scene, there Wesley Muhammad/True Islam/Black God, Kevin Ali, Natura; Tahuti, et al. They follow in the mould of Clarke exchanging ideas with West, before debating Leftkowitz.

Thanks to Clarke, we have new editions of books that were read and used by the Harlem History Club, whilst, at present, our classic literature includes

  • The Destruction of Black Civilisation
  • The Isis Papers

Our heroes include

  • Dr Henrik Clarke
  • Dr Y. Ben
  • Chancellor Williams
  • John G Jackson
  • Amos Wilson (we don’t read him)
  • Cres Welsing
  • Neely Fuller (we don’t read him)
  • Marimba Ani (we don’t read her)

Through Blogtalk a number of these youtube personalities have emerged including
Mr Holipsism, Natural Tahuti, Asar Imhotep, Gus T Renegade (The COWS),

Finally, a number of bloggers are emerging…

(this is only a draft that welcomes your contributions, especially via responses. we would like to continue to develop and update this piece so that it reflects the situation here in the Divided Empire, Britain.)

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  1. Onitaset says:

    Umar Johnson and Alton H. Maddox are worthwhile contributors. Though they are not as academic as the aforementioned heroes. There are of course the classics that ought to be considered as well: your Booker T. Washington’s and Marcus Garvey’s.

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