Why 8

Attempts to define “The 8 project” include the following:

…Since its first edition, AETC has developed into the 8-project, a continuation of the pioneering works of other architects who sought to record, document and archive the African condition. At the core of the 8-project is the self-styled course of “oppression studies” – a systematic examination of the “supremacist mind-set” – which develops the idea that without a conceptual framework and proper foundation for African thought, all “talk” is “inconsequential.”


…When I think about volumes 1-5 of the AETC series, I feel that it was a conversation masquerading as an explanation. More accurately, it was an inventory of an odyssey. I was lost (feeling as if I was the last) and feeling dispossessed, attempted to reconcile this contradiction. I could not find the answers outside of myself because other people were not asking the questions I needed, and so, I investigated these questions for myself, only to find that I would have to initiate the asking.

…Volume 3: Coming Home, is the final part in this 8 volume saga (The 8 Project.) I imagine that this is inherently, highly symbolic; the infinite, the eternal; the snake coming back on itself as it eats its tail. 8 might represent being whole; the idea of searching for the self with the self, and within the self. Those who have religiously followed this four year “project” will be aware that I finally found the answers to the questions I was looking for and yet, the significant details of this walk deserve more attention. This final volume is an attempt to both pose and answer them. Even if it is not final, this last volume satisfies my need to both communicate (contribute) and be heard (appreciated.) I think that for much of life, these efforts for exposure have been an attempt to belong to something; to be identified and have an identity; to make myself valued.

so tell me, r u any wiser now than u were b4???

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