Gullible People (part 2)

I’ve been thinking about life after talkradio. What are all the illiterate presenters going to do? I have a theory that suggests that these people are like “Mr Glass” from Unbreakable, and some of their callers are like Casper and Pikachu, in as much as they need someone to follow. That being so, if the callers were ever abandoned by the radio hosts/personalities, they would probably put themselves in peril just so someone can come through and rescue them.

I’ve been wondering then, what will happen after the apparatus of oppression is dismantled? Will these groups disband or will they create “movements” around new nonsense masquerading as seriousness? Given the chance, if no other controversies existed, they’d claim to be haunted by their shadows.

These talk shows are for “battered wives.” They get beaten but then go back to their social circles to “diffuse” the stress and tension so as to prepare them for another day of bruising. This means that no progressive movements will come out of them for they are, by their nature, stagnant. They read history and talk about what happens to them, but they never make it or even leave something to be written. They’re just that gullible.

The herbalists will have to get retail jobs; the revolutionaries will become college professors; the ministers might just stay put anyway; the researchers will become magazine collectors, and the DJ’s will turn to breakdancing. These are just a few possibilities, but feel free to correct me.

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