Identifying the invisible narrative

A core aspect of the maintenance of racism white supremacy or colonialism [is] making white domination [seem] organic, natural, and [ordained] by God

Listervelt Middleton: “how do you get African people to see the urgency of the situation”
Marimba Ani: “I don’t know frankly, if you can. I think that we have to focus on young African people who have not been so conditioned with a way of thinking that supports European imperialism [and] power… [who] still have the ability to use their intuition… to create, to think beyond the limitations that have been given to them in European academies. I think that most of us as adults, as elders, have been so conditioned that were afraid to move beyond the parameters that have been defined by our enemies in our thinking so that our vision is limited so we are really not the people that should be conceptualising the plans, the movement; what we should be building.. I focus on the young people who are still more in touch with what is natural to African people … once they are affirmed and introduced in a conscious way to the African world view it becomes crystal clear to them and they see the urgency in us as African people building for self as opposed to imitating forms that have been put in place to make sure that we continue to be oppressed”

The theme for this year is priorities. We have to realise the urgency of the situation because we can’t do this any more, and we can’t do this again. I don’t want to hear any more vicitmhood rhetoric for the year, and this includes “chat” about: “we get stopped more”, “we’re portrayed negatively”, “they don’t like us”, “we get treated differently” and the like. At the same time, if there is going to be a lockdown on victim-speak, there is also going to be a crackdown on finger-pointing. This refers to judgemental-statements that “mature” people make, whenever they “crucify” the young people, or others. Until we have successfuly eradicated all vestigates of white domination, the ultimate injustice, then all other justices might as well be permanent, and accepted as such.

If people are “stuck on” violence, then they need to understand, for 2012, that this explicit violence is “just another” injustice, with “white domination” being the major injustice, and therefore, the urgent priority. Everything else is immaterial compared to this injustice, and so, if we are not addressing it, we surely must be hiding something, or avoiding another. It is outrgeous that this “violence” which has been passively codified as “racist behaviour” is not only tolerated but institued as if to suggest it were a national religion, and we, the oppressed, the mistreated, were merely its discretional mercenary-army, readily availble, at their disposal, to be drafted as cannon fodder or to be used for ritual sacrifice. OKAY, if groups wants to tolerate oppression, that’s half-okay, just so long as these groups are doing it to themselves, as beyond that, it really should not be as accepted as the sun setting at dawn.

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