Lost Desire

He looks at her with disgust disguised by a smile. How he pities her for her delusion, salvaged from industrious movies. He contemptuously gazes over her every fundamental flaw, and how he compares her to those other females he sees. He pulls away wanting to be distinct from her touch, wanting nothing else, as well as nothing more. He scrutinises the ugliness she represents and has become, and he puts on his garments, to distance himself from the shame.

In her mind, he will be there for ever; she has no idea that he won’t exist after today. In her mind, they were meant to be forever, and she even wanted endow him wth a baby. It was going to be their special gift to each other; only, he didn’t want to be involved. She dreamt of him almost daily and spoke about him vividly, sharing him with all her friends, so how will they react when they find out he is gone.

In her desperation, she tries to call, to text, email, and BB, for heaven have no mercy, like a woman left exposed. She is hurting; she is wounded by a pain she won’t deny. It’s not even that he’s gone, but that she refuses to let go. He is own man, though she yearned that he’d be her hero, but he had somewhere to go, where he’d finally desire.

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