A.R.A.C. (part 2)

When these “clowns” (members of the A team) say to “oppressed” people (members of the B team), they are “anti-racists”, they are playing a shrewd game. (To paraphrase Mr Fuller, if they have the solution, why have we got the problem?) The very nature of their “declaration” is racist, but let me explain this. When they say they are “anti-racist”, they are pacifying their captive audience. They are pretending to be on the same team when they have “power” that “oppressed” people couldn’t even conceptualise. At the same time, they cannot relate to the struggles of Africans; in fact; the struggles of the oppressed do not even matter to them because they have no conception of it. They imagine that the oppressed are merely extensions of them. This is false; whiteness is not, and will not be the same as blackness. To understand this “hoax” let’s put whiteness in perspective and reveal why anti-racists will never transfer teams.

Whiteness is about oppression; it is about being on top of society/food-chain; it is about operating in a powerful, dominant position, in the ruling or management capacity. It is about always being in control and having “privilege” (supremacy.) They can believe in their “superiority” because their place/rank affords them the luxury of denial. Their mechanisations operate to suppress, repress and deny the consciousness of those subordinated by whiteness for whiteness is predicated upon the subordination of non-whites, and this brings us to “blackness.”

“Blackness” is about being subordinated; it is an identity predicated on compensating for emptiness, which itself reflects defeat. Blackness is about consumption; valuing yourself based on spending habits and other consumer patterns; it is about defining oneself on distractions; identifying with myths and believing in lies that collectively, other oppressed people indulge in. It is about being typically destructive, and routinely failing to be constructive. Whiteness is about oppression; blackness is about consumption, and each identity is wrapped up in this, even if whiteness plausibly denies this status, and blackness avoids this painful experience.

Anti-racists are racists because they are really extending the supreme position of whites; white have the power on this planet; irrespective, they “intercede” for “God” (whiteness.) Having the power to “intervene”, their word will always have more power, and hold more weight than an oppressed person, so how can anti-racists claim/profess to be for equality when their position is based upon power imbalances. When they say they are “anti-racists” they are defining the world, just as racists do, and essentially revealing the nature of their power which lets them be laws unto themselves.

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