Disclaimer 11

Just to illustrate the shift in consciousness I have undertaken please read the following. Originally, it was intended to “introduce” the book, (AETC) however, having moved away from that noise, I placed this piece, formerly at the front, at the back (of the bus.) I have left it in the appendix, purely for nostalgic humour. Either way, I feel its worth reading so as to better understand the ways in which the confused continue their confusion/confusing:

I have actually written this text to give to some of my White/European associates. I realise that they might be offended by some of the ideas outlined in this text, however, I cannot apologise for this, as it is a natural consequence of my approach. I have serious affairs that I am aiming to attend to and deal with. I think that for “too long” the ‘practitioners’ and students alike, have been “professional” (timid) in their approach, failing to realise that another group’s wants ought never come before their own group’s needs, and therefore, the same way I am expediently mistreated by ‘effective’ whites, I ought to learn from them – talking recklessly, and functioning effectively – to protect my rights, assert my interests and defend my group.

I didn’t ask to see myself in terms of groups, nations, or race however I am not the one in charge, just as I am not the one who took the initiative of control. I realise that I am acted upon by the ideas of others, and that until I effectively mobilise those who share this perspective and these interests, I will continue to be mistreated, being subjected to insult, injury and total disregard. For the purposes of this text, therefore, I have grouped whites/Europeans, indiscriminately, seeing them, implicitly, as racist. This is a perspective, and theoretical exercise that serves to keep attacked (e.g. non-white) individuals on guard against assaults and general complacency, but also, to illustrate the fact that individual relations have little bearing upon groups relations, and that in the end, it is the moment that matters in determining the outcomes of situations, and not the morals.

Since then, I have written a much better explanation of my views:

perhaps I’ll share it with you some time.

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