Mission Statement

we have appealed to the talented tenth for a remedy, but they nave nothing to offer” (p 107)

For the past 50 years, we’ve been stuck. Radio presenters have swallowed the nonsense; western academics have failed to inspire and community activists have not taken the necessary steps. Motivational speakers haven’t any concrete programmes, and life coaches have not risen above mediocrity. In sum, this generation has yet to realise their mission, and as a result, they have betrayed it.#

Waiting for new of miracles, a way has to be found to reverse this destructive trend; if this tragic set of circumstances is to be aborted, a saviour has to rise and reverse this scenario; someone must overcome this spiralling series of events, and yet, this special someone has not arrived. They are not coming because they do not exist.

Having been here all along, we have been blind to their reality and unable to recognise who they are; having been enthralled by spin doctors, we have fallen asleep and have been dreaming we’re awake.

Quiet our minds disengage our preoccupations; as we enter into the unknown and embrace the unfamiliar…

If the spell is to be broken, the truth must be valued. The basic illusions of this age have been exhausted and it is time for a new reality; I can not bring this to you it is already with you; I can only facilitate its awakening; I do not have the answers, just suggestions.

Having been born into these fundamental lies, we’ve taken fiction as fact, and folklore as reality (but buried beneath this fantasy is the truth, and this secret truth holds the answers to our dilemmas; at one time we knew this truth but it was forgotten; but this truth has to be unveiled, unmasked and resurrected).

We are each blind to ourselves, but can come out of this darkness by shining a light on each other’s shadow, so let us begin; let’s engage in a dialogue and participate in this process; I want to share these insights with you, I want to explore reality. For ages we’ve been trading blows, let’s exchange ideas.

Taught lies, as a result of this false learning, we’ve been confused, but we can restore ourselves to wholeness to once more be complete; we must remember sleeping.

Let’s unlearn these falsehoods and through properly mediating symbols and effectively interpreting images, come alive.

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